When publishers get paid, the writers should be paid

Some of us write for the sake of being read or performed. Some of us don’t expect to make money writing. But if you expect writers to create content for you, you should pay them fairly. This means you don’t go making money on their work without compensating them.

I understand the writers’ union is asking for a percentage of net. They should have a percentage of gross.


Right on

Jerome Doolittle @ Bad Attitudes:

The Guardian has a promising new website, Guardian America. In it Sidney Blumenthal offers a piece on how Rudy Giuliani’s old pal, Michael Mukasey, has publicly revealed that he intends to be not the nation’s lawyer but just another of Bush’s sock puppets.

The Senate Democrats could have spared us this further indignity but a controlling majority of them are too cowardly to do so. Principal among these cowards is the revolting Charles Schumer of New York. You may have seen him once or twice on TV, where he plays a liberal.

He has more. Read on if you can handle a bit of intramural criticism.

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Update: NTodd @ Dohiyi Mir suggests we stop calling the administration’s torture program “waterboarding,” and start calling it “partial drowning interrogation.”

Recommended reading

Barbara O’Brien @ The Mahablog on the current slate of Democratic candidates.

My own thoughts are similar to hers on this as far as the nomination; as for the general election I would not cast a vote for Hillary Clinton.

If you’ve lost Bob Schieffer, you’ve lost middle America

(h/t Faiz @ Think Progress)

Not funny

Just a quick note. Michael Musto is a frequent contributor to the otherwise excellent Countdown with Keith Olbermann. This is an excerpt of his schtick on Friday’s program with guest host Allison Stewart:

STEWART:  Now, when [Nicole] Richie‘s TV co-star and fellow famous for no real person, Paris Hilton, served her 23 days in the slammer, Hilton took along spiritual books.  What did Ms. Richie bring for her 82 minutes?

MUSTO:  She got the same bible that Paris had.  Paris sold it on eBay.  But this time there are passages circled in crayon for when Larry King asks you your favorite parts.  She also has a book called, “How to Accidentally Fall Down Stairs and Lose Seven Pounds in Prison For Pregnant Dummies.”  Great book.

Paul Clement for interim attorney general

First, let me show you an advertisement. As always, I have received no consideration.

Marijuana Laws Waste Billions of Taxpayer Dollars to Lock Up Non-Violent Americans

Click image to enlarge.

This was a paid advertisement that was displayed in the D.C. Metro during the month of September 2004. What you may not know is that it required a lawsuit to get the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority to accept the ad. The Republican Congress had included budget language that would have cut off federal funding to local transit authorities that accept advertisements critical of current marijuana laws. The ACLU, the Drug Policy Alliance, the Marijuana Policy Project, and Change the Climate, Inc. filed suit in federal court and

In June 2004, Judge Paul L. Friedman of the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia ruled the ‘Istook Amendment’ unconstitutional on First Amendment grounds, stating “there is a clear public interest in preventing the chilling of speech on the basis of viewpoint,” and that, “the government articulated no legitimate state interest in the suppression of this particular speech other than the fact that it disapproves of the message, an illegitimate and constitutionally impermissible reason.”

As solicitor general, Paul Clement‘s responsibility would ultimately have been to argue this case on behalf of the government before the Supreme Court. He declined, stating that “the government does not have a viable argument to advance in the statute’s defense and will not appeal the district court’s decision.”

I think he will be a much better acting attorney general than the outgoing Alberto Gonzales.

In any event the senate should not recess for the duration of this term to prevent the administration from appointing another crony attorney general without their advice and consent.

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Says the Gray Lady, it’s time to go home

The New York Times:

“It is time for the United States to leave Iraq, without any more delay than the Pentagon needs to organize an orderly exit.”

Hat-tip Kathy Kattenburg.