Not funny

Just a quick note. Michael Musto is a frequent contributor to the otherwise excellent Countdown with Keith Olbermann. This is an excerpt of his schtick on Friday’s program with guest host Allison Stewart:

STEWART:  Now, when [Nicole] Richie‘s TV co-star and fellow famous for no real person, Paris Hilton, served her 23 days in the slammer, Hilton took along spiritual books.  What did Ms. Richie bring for her 82 minutes?

MUSTO:  She got the same bible that Paris had.  Paris sold it on eBay.  But this time there are passages circled in crayon for when Larry King asks you your favorite parts.  She also has a book called, “How to Accidentally Fall Down Stairs and Lose Seven Pounds in Prison For Pregnant Dummies.”  Great book.


2 Responses to “Not funny”

  1. ellroon Says:

    Weird. I find Musto is the one real sour note in the show.

    Olbermann made a big deal about the snark about Sen. Vitter’s wife’s dress and apologized for the jokes, but Musto is much worse and uglier than that. I don’t find him funny or snarky at all.

    I think I’ll start fast forwarding through his smirk.

  2. whig Says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks so. He’s made remarks in the past which suggest that he’s just disgusted by women in general, but what do I know? I think he’s mean and sometimes not at all funny. Joking about such a thing as he did here, really?

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