Two faces of John McCain


Trees are renewable, but hemp is sustainable

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Phoenix touchdown

An ex-Republican alternative to John McCain for president

The Libertarian party has nominated Bob Barr for president.

He is completely unqualified for the office, and should not be elected. Nevertheless, I hope he will be invited to participate in debates with Barack Obama and John McCain. I am presuming the Democratic nomination, at this point, but I will allow that there exists some minuscule probability that Hillary Clinton will be the nominee, in which case sharing a stage with one of the chief impeachment prosecutors of Bill Clinton seems unlikely.

But for the record I’d like to see the Green nominee included in debates as well.

For what it’s worth

Huckabee “jokes” about lynching of Barack Obama

h/t Petulant for the screen capture of the wholly inadequate non-apology.

Update: May 18, Huckabee makes a better apology.