If you are feeling severely depressed, consider a dose of Aurum metallicum, 30C.


A new project for America

I suggest we build a solar power satellite.

Collecting solar energy from space and lasing it to earth gives us more potential energy than all the fossil fuel in the world.


No timeline? No funding. No excuses.

So advocates John Edwards (h/t):

We all are saying

Happy birthday to the blogger formerly known as Mimus Pauly

Jim Yeager of Mockingbird’s Medley is 37. Go read his blog. Then watch this.

Nuclear weapons should never be used.

Hillary Clinton’s insistence on maintaining official silence might be to impress upon some adversary the fear that we might use them. The truth is, no one knows because the button goes to whomever it goes.

Even if we survive this administration and elect a Democratic candidate, there is no guarantee against a George Bush III in the future. Just as we have been cautioning Republicans that they should not give Bush II powers they wouldn’t want Clinton II to have, we should allow for the possibility, and cease this nonsense.

If America uses a nuclear weapon against anyone ever again, there will cease to be America. We will be torn apart inside and out; there would be no shelter from the storm. We cannot use these things. Let’s turn them to some peaceful purpose.

Update: Sifu Tweety Fish @ The Poor Man Institute has more.