Review me!

An idea taken from Ideas Man. Please let me know what you think of this blog.

4 Responses to “Review me!”

  1. enreal Says:

    I love your blog…witty and intellectually stimulating, with a hint of sarcasm…loads of fun.
    P.S. Where do you come up with some of your headlines? Unique!

  2. Rick Bell Says:

    What a great blog. LOVE IT. Lots of laughs and lots to chew on. (My blog goes for the laughs, with just an occassional bone to chew one.)And this coming from a 12-stepper with 6 years clean. (Hey, if you can imbibe, imbibe. Some of us got the bad draw when the addictive genes were handed out.

    All the best,

  3. enreal Says:

    Hey just letting you know I tagged you. Check out my site for more info.

  4. enreal Says:

    Hey Whig…I read your blog everyday, some of the things you write about are so passionate and awe inspiring, I have one question for you…Why focus so heavily on politics? I don’t get it, you seem to hold so much more. Once I was like you. Now I am done, I still follow, but not as heavily and definitely not as passionately. For there are so many more important things to do than focus on politicians who don’t focus on us…You’ll still see me around. I am still a fan. I have just been thinking about this for a while.

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