Comprehending time



What you see is only a small part

Crayon fizzlesticks

No objective material frame of reference

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Particle porn

Forces of revolution

The space between

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Every part enfolds the whole

Power to the people

But can it fly?

Quark metaphysics


Water @ 100Hz

QED (the longer version)


2 Levitations

Even if you don’t believe it

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Even photons have consciousness

The way the world works

Every particle is conscious

Invisible perfect waves made physical

Every particle has free will within its bounds


1. At extreme dilutions, particles and waves are interchangeable. [QM] Waves persist in a fluid unless lost to friction, transference, evaporation, radiation, etc. [TD]

1a. (naked assertion) Waves are beneath atoms, beneath even quarks, waves are continuous, immaterial energy, observable through the movement of matter, the pattern of energy transfer between quanta.

1b. (support) see Bénard cells, which exhibit hysteresis.

2. Agitating and vibrating dissolved particles in fluid transfers energy to waves.

Welcome to Duke Reginald’s court of unending possibilities

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Part II.

Part III.

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