All the dreamers are waking

Down by the sea

A Dream of Organon

Things to hear and read

How are they doing? We don’t ever hear…

Hat-tip baronette

This could be heaven right here on earth.


I planned to make a post which would be called Synchronization, the music was to be the song, “Time After Time” by Cyndy Lauper. I intended to produce some synchronicity but did not know what it was to be.

I went to and searched for “time after time”.

The first result follows:

I was first introduced to Eva Cassidy on April 1. She may be invisible, but she seems to be doing her thing.

Recommended listening:

This is my message to you.

Recommended listening:

Do you prefer plagues of locusts?

All these worlds, and on and on…

Ever seen a sandstorm?

Ellroon says, “Try fighting in this.”

Stoner genius

jibbs00 (2 days ago)

this is a true thing that happens! its not a chain letter! its kinda scary at first but it really works!! paste this message into 3 comments and press ALT F1 and your crushes name will appear on the screen!!! its soo wierd

This world is going to survive

Space, the final frontier

Watch this from NASA via Carnacki.