Cannabis prohibition is institutionalized racism.


Colors seem to fade

To shades of gray. Not black and white. Very little in this world is black and white, except the words.

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Happy blogiversary to Mockingbird’s Medley

Mimus Pauly thinks this is the best post he’s ever written. He may be right.

John Lennon made lots of money too

John Edwards

John Edwards is a very rich man. He can afford a $400 haircut. He has made no secret of this.

He has not unjustly enriched himself, to my knowledge.

This cannot be said of Republicans who profit from human misery.

I know a man named John.

Dana Rohrabacher (hat-tip Ted):

For example, I know in one or two cases you have a man whose name was exactly the same name as a Muslim that was involved in al Qaeda. To the degree there are a few of those cases, we should do our best to make sure those cases don’t exist, try to find a system to root them out.

But, here’s the other shoe dropping, we are at war, and we’ve got to make sure that we do not let go 50 terrorists who will go out and plant a bomb in London and kill 20,000 people in order to protect that one person who we arrested accidentally because his name was the same. That’s the type of unfortunate consequence.

I guess Dana feels comfortable that there aren’t too many men with his name.

Orrin Hatch

Looks like he might be up for the AG position.

Short reminder

The American constitution proclaimed democracy with the words, “We, the people.” Despite it having been drafted by some small number of men, and consecrated many injustices in the name of compromise, these opening words gave acknowledgment to the authority of the people to exercise sovereignty.