George Bush wants to resign now.

How else to interpret the fact that he’s seeking a new Commander-in-Chief?

5 Responses to “George Bush wants to resign now.”

  1. Jack Says:

    Wait a minute, Whig! He didn’t say that! How do you come to that conclusion? You’re spreading lies, you need to repent or demons will pop up in the middle of your living room and drag you down to hell!

    Just picking at you…


  2. whig Says:

    I didn’t say he said that, Jack. How do you interpret his seeking a new “war czar?”

  3. bereans Says:

    Not that “George Bush wants to resign now.”


  4. whig Says:

    Whose job is it to be commander-in-chief, then?

  5. bereans Says:

    Whig, I didn’t get from this that Bush was looking for a new commander-in-chief? Am I missing something?


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