Wish you were here

When the rain comes

Fighting fire with fire

Vaseline machine gun

Our weapon of choice. Shall we do the Tandava?


Mouse on Mars

Bridges and balloons

Why these mountains? Why this sky?


Too many people have died.

Planet Earth is blue, and there’s nothing I can do

Just let’s all live and live, you know, instead of killing

h/t Charley.

I am that which you are

Temporary and eternal

‘Til Tuesday

Novelty wave

I get up. I get down.

Over the rainbow



Yankee doodle boogie to you, perhaps

It’s all too much


Atom Heart Mother


I’m an American, please don’t be afraid


We all need something to breathe

Go far enough

Cease breath for a moment and let the dead pass over

Invisible opera

What song is this?

If I wrote you…

King Crimson

Pull the trigger

Then go watch History Repeating.

From now on

Big machines dancing

Crack the sky

Rompiendo la monotonia del tiempo

Share the land

I am that I am, and so are we all

For a new earth

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Goodness knows

I’d love to turn you on

For Mai Bong City



The best band in the whole world

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Oh well

Steady as it comes right down to you