Atom Heart Mother


3 Responses to “Atom Heart Mother”

  1. Todd Green Says:

    It was this instrumental that made me a believer in these lads. I hear the entire saga of meeting, procreating, gestating and birth in this piece. I am sad to see the Floyd have lost that edge they had when Roger Waters was their bone of contention. Thanks, I’d never heard this version.

  2. konagod Says:

    My God, I wish I’d been old enough to have hung out with them in the late 60s. What an era.

  3. Michael Says:

    Todd, let me tell you about a musical performance that I heard a few years ago by a band called Múm… It was like a day, … ohmy… from first waking… no, it is not describable at all…

    It was however the first time I had ever heard this material, and had not prepared adequately, my expectations were based on their previous albums… I vaguely knew of their new album but had not purchased it in advance of the live performance at any rate… words fail again.

    Um. Yah. Múm.

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