It’s crashing, and it won’t boot up!

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It’s not who votes, it’s who counts the votes that counts


A California judge is likely to order a Berkeley city initiative back on the ballot because of local officials’ mishandling of electronic voting machine data, a public-interest lawyer arguing the case said Friday.

In a preliminary ruling Thursday, Judge Winifred Smith of the Alameda County Superior Court indicated she would nullify the defeat of a medical marijuana proposal in Berkeley in 2004 and order the measure put back on the ballot in a later election. A hearing on Friday morning in advance of a final ruling brought out nothing that indicated Smith would deviate from her preliminary decision, said attorney Gregory Luke, who is representing Americans for Safe Access. The medical-marijuana advocacy group is suing the county, assisted by the technology rights group Electronic Frontier Foundation.

The case points to the dangers of electronic voting systems, which make it harder to ensure fair elections, Luke said. Electronic voting machines have been widely adopted in the U.S. since the disputed presidential election of 2000. Laws in California and some other states now require paper records of all votes, but the California law wasn’t in place for the Berkeley election.

There is no spoon.

The GPL version 3 will be released tomorrow; I will consider dual licensing for those who do not consider intellectual property imaginary.

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Exploding psychology

That’s inappropriate

Change for the machines

Bigger, Slower, More Intrusive is not necessarily better

I remember the bomb that was Windows ME. Well, Microsoft has done it again,

Vista is been such a success that CNet reports that Dell is bringing XP back. In response to customer demand, Dell is going to make Windows XP available on its home machines, as it still is on its business machines.

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By the way, I really do like the MacBook. It’s a comfortable machine to use, as opposed to merely being powerful.