The truth about Barack Obama’s funny foreign friends

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Fafblog interviews Hillary Clinton

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Spring colors

Homeland Security Spring Colors

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New report on marijuana addiction

Abstract: We found marijuana addicts showed a varied profile of dangerous and potentially lethal withdrawal symptoms. 82% of them went from being psychologically healthy to showing clear clinical signs of anxiety, depression, post traumatic stress, or obsessive compulsive disorder. These varied psychological withdrawal effects were less responsive to conventional treatment. Patients whose marijuana addiction was concurrent with cancer additionally suffered nausea, vomiting, an increase in pain sensitivity, increased growth rates of tumors and increased morbidity. Marijuana addicted AIDS patients showed a severe reaction that included nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, wasting, and an inability to comply with medication regimes, which was worse than heroin withdrawal. In addition, marijuana withdrawal caused more subtle effects on music perception and brain function, with many of the musicians and music lovers moving from various abstract, creative genres, to smooth jazz and pop-country, and a decreased tendency to notice and ability to play polyrhythmic music. These withdrawal effects clearly and conclusively show the dangers of marijuana, and demonstrate a particular concern for marijuana in cancer and AIDS patients.

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Big Oil, incorporated

In this case, the reality is considerably worse than the satire.

Lee Raymond

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Hungarians are dirty ghoulies who wash in peanut oil?

There is no call for that kind of hate speech on the internets.

Kos on Colbert Report

SilentPatriot @ Crooks and Liars has video.

The news according to Fox

Hat-tip Chester, and Nicole Belle @ Crooks and Liars has a different clip which is also quite good.