Two years of blogging

Hope you’ve enjoyed it so far.

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These are my opinions, share yours if you disagree.

Think for yourself.

We are all the ones we have been waiting for if we wish to be. And we can make whatever reality we wish to have, together.

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Thursday robot blogging with somebody else’s robot

Cannablog wins award

Golden Monkeyfist 2007

Thanks to Monkeyfister for awarding this blog a 2007 Golden Monkeyfist — The Golden Bongload Brotherhood (with blonde hash globules). Please also visit these other fine winners:

For the last several days we have been discussing among ourselves the selection of an Au Peer winner. Monkeyfister should be making an announcement shortly if he has not already.

Update: and the winner of the 2007 Au Peer:

d r i f t g l a s s

Happy New Year!

Sing it back

Sing it back to me.

Open thread.

Every particle has free will within its bounds


This is an open invitation to my friends and fellow bloggers, commenters and readers alike; if you would like to be a posting contributor to Cannablog, I would like to share some of the responsibilities here.

Please let me know if you are interested, privately if you prefer.