Aurum metallicum

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Kaneh Bos, Etz Chaim

Guitar lesson

We, the people here, don’t want a war.

Hat-tip Len Hart.

I know an old lady who swallowed a camel…

Donna Woodka:

This is insane. Our country is just stark, raving mad, and the only ones who benefit are the war profiteers and arms dealers.

Time passages

John Lennon made lots of money too

John Edwards

John Edwards is a very rich man. He can afford a $400 haircut. He has made no secret of this.

He has not unjustly enriched himself, to my knowledge.

This cannot be said of Republicans who profit from human misery.

Millennium theater

Hat-tip Skippy.


Which Jesus?

Hat-tip Multi Medium, with thanks to Charley.

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And now, for something completely different

Hat-tip Mark Frauenfelder.

Roy Zimmerman has a whole lot of really funny songs.

What if everyone loved everyone?

Little Amsterdam

for RAINN.

Check out the audience

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Strange days, indeed

There is a season turning now.

This is my church.

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This could be heaven right here on earth.

For the unrequited, fulfillment comes eventually if you keep faith

It might not come from where and when you expect.

This is my message to you.

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Do you prefer plagues of locusts?

February 2, 1963- November 2, 1996

Eva Cassidy died of cancer at the age of 33, before her musical career got off the ground. She became widely known post-humously when Michelle Kwan skated to Cassidy’s ‘Fields of Gold’ during the 2002 Olympics.

Her album ‘Songbird’ is a compilation of highlights from the three music records created during Eva’s life. This particular song is my favorite. It is gospel blues. I’ll let her vocal talent speak for itself.

Who blinks?

The fifth dimension

Somebody broke into my car, took my underwear. That’s gross!

Music lesson


Stoner genius

jibbs00 (2 days ago)

this is a true thing that happens! its not a chain letter! its kinda scary at first but it really works!! paste this message into 3 comments and press ALT F1 and your crushes name will appear on the screen!!! its soo wierd

Dong Hits 4 Kenneth: 420Hz on your radio receiver

Kenneth Starr loves the Clenis.

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Shawn Colvin Cover

Down at the train they go to Independence everyday
Anywhere else now, it seems like a million miles away
And I must have been high to believe
that I would ever leave
No, I’m just a flat, fine line
Like the Wichita skyline.

I rode on the airstream to cross the great lonesome afternoon
And I wished hard enough to hurt, drove fast enough to catch the moon.
And I must have been dreamin’ again
Cus there’s nothin around the bend
Except for that flat, fine line
The Wichita skyline.

As far as Salina I can get that good station from LaRue
I’m searching the dial, scanning the sky for a patch of blue
And I watch the black clouds roll in
chasing me back again
Back to the flat, fine line…
the Wichita skyline.

Ten years and five days ago