Natural and abundant, not semiperfect

Mind over matter

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Quark metaphysics


Loops of complexity



What is six times nine in base thirteen?

The act of writing is the means by which our consciousness can be focused and analyzed for coherence. If our thoughts are jumbled we would write in such a fashion. If we have a point to make, our thoughts can be arranged around that point. If we are searching for something which others could help find, our thoughts might be phrased as questions. If we already know the answer, it might be that in asking it of others we answer it to everyone.

What is the Ultimate Question?

You know. Life, the Universe and Everything.

Can you compute?

Following, the back of the Regional Transit Connection ID Center Processing Fee Receipt calculation, and verified by my wife, the graduate statistician.

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Space, the final frontier

Watch this from NASA via Carnacki.

A change of perspective — understand highness.

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This is not encrypted.

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Chromosphere now playing

At this new website.

No warranty, this has been tested to work only on Firefox on Mac OS X, and might not even so in your case.

To reduce the chance of difficulties, install the JSyn plug-in before proceeding.

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Do not watch this video. It is evil.

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No music now, unless you read it

ARTIST: The Beatles
TITLE: Golden Slumbers/Carry that Weight/The End
Lyrics and Chords courtesy Gunther Anderson

[ Ebdim7 = xx1212 ]

Once there was a way to get back homeward
Once there was a way to get back home
Sleep pretty darling do not cry
And I will sing a lullaby

/ Am7 – – – Dm7 – – – / G7 – – – / C Em Am Dm9 – / G7 – C – /

Golden slumbers fill your eyes
Smiles awake you when you rise
Sleep pretty darling do not cry
And I will sing a lullaby

/ C – F – C – / C – F – / C Em Am Dm9 – / G7 – C – /

Once there was a way to get back homeward
Once there was a way to get back home
Sleep pretty darling do not cry
And I will sing a lullaby


Boy, you’re going to carry that weight
Carry that weight a long time
Boy, you’re going to carry that weight
Carry that weight a long time

/ C – G – / – – C – / 1st / G – C Am7 /

I never give you my pillow
I only send you my invitations
And in the middle of the celebrations
I break down

/ Am7 – Dsus2 Dm / G – Csus4 C / Fmaj7 – Dm E7 / Am – G – /

{Refrain, ends with / C A / C A /}

Oh yeah, all right
Are you going to be in my dreams

/ D – E – / A – Ebdim7 – / A – /

And in the end
The love you take
Is equal to the love you make

/ A – – – / G – – – / Bb – – F – G / C – /

Climate control

Greenhouse gases, including carbon dioxide, have a certain “half-life” in the atmosphere before they are eliminated by natural processes, such as by plant respiration. When the production of new greenhouse gases has equilibrium with the elimination of circulating greenhouse gases, the climate is kept in balance.

Much discussion of reducing and controlling global warming has focused on how we may regulate the production of new greenhouse gases, and we must do so or we could never eliminate them quickly enough to prevent their building without limit and turning the earth into a place uninhabitable to humans.

It would also be helpful to begin encouraging the reduction of circulating greenhouse gases by broad based home agriculture. One green plant can reduce the carbon footprint of one person by a significant amount. If climate science has taught us anything, it’s that small changes over a large population make a huge difference.


And a buried reference in the words of this song, leads to this.

And now, for something completely different

Rough sketch of Chromosphere


If you don’t know what this is about, see the related post below. This design is published under the Imaginary Public License version 1.0, as described therein.

Artistic help is always welcome.

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Musical language project

Here is complete source for the Chromosphere, my project to create a machine that uses a 26-letter alphabet plus a few operators to combine them as a system of musical notation, in its initial, skeletal state. It is presently designed to run as an applet, and will offer you two buttons, one of which (“Play”) works, the other (“Stop”) is not yet enabled. If I can find a good place to host this applet, you will be able to listen if you have the ability to run Java from your web browser. The initial score is about 10 minutes long.

I could use any amount of assistance and support with this project.

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My wife says this is what I am not.

\frac{1}{\sigma \sqrt{2 \pi}} e^{-\frac{(x-\mu)^2}{2\sigma^2}}

Update: She reassures me this is a good thing.

Res ipsa loquitur

Inter-City 123

System of music

Light blogging

I am working on a music synthesizer to demonstrate some of the principles that I’ve been studying and writing about for the past several years. Music and color and rhythm are all used to communicate, all can be languages, simultaneously with words and images, and it is done all the time by intuition. Our formal languages for describing them are too limited, our older instruments incapable of retuning dynamically and automatically, excepting the human voice.

So the end result of this is that I will spend less time blogging and more time programming for awhile. On the other hand, knowing myself I will still spend a fair amount of time doing this too, else losing touch with what is going on in the world, but I might have less time or inclination to post substantively.

Music is language, handwritten and spelled

skippy had it, watch and listen how a master does it.

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Music is language.

“Just relax, and enjoy this pleasant adventure. Here you are, secure and protected, in this, your special place, letting my voice flow into your mind. There’s no need to concentrate. Just gently as you go. Suggestions are going into your unconscious mind. Open yourself up to the greater wisdom and understanding. So, now, letting the sound of my voice reach the inner, healthy, receptive centre of yourself. See yourself now in your imagination; and you are being transformed in a positive healthy way, so you are programming your unconscious mind, gaining new insight into your directions, in the future. Allow yourself to be more aware of your pathway through this life. Enjoy all that you can. As the days go by, you are programming your mind, and you are allowing this to happen. These things are happening day by day, just as I tell you they are happening, wherever you are. See this happening. Allow it to become part of you; more and more happily, more and more surely, more and more powerfully, each day. When it is necessary, you can program yourself, be able to dream the information you require. This awareness will come back to you at your own rate. It will never be more than you can cope with. This guidance will help show you the way. This will only happen if you choose it will be so. Ready, now…”

Listen here.

It’s a cold and it’s a broken Hallelujah

I’ve heard there was a secret chord
That David played and it pleased the Lord
But you don’t really care for music, do you?
It goes like this
The fourth, the fifth
The minor fall, the major lift
The baffled king composing Hallelujah

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The man who will fall forever

Comma Karma.

And welcome d r i f t g l a s s to the blogroll. Along with Spocko’s Brain and some others that I’ve added recently and neglected to mention.

The man who fell to earth


A one, two, a one, two, three, five

I’m going to try to teach an old type of music theory, in the hopes of communicating a way that we can think together without verbal language or in combination. I mentioned before the origin of language in the first two letters of the earliest alphabet, though it would be a substantial exercise to carry it forward to discover the rest. Also, language may have developed independently at different times and places, so my examples may not be literally accurate but I would prefer to keep my descriptions brief enough to convey the point. Language exists when two or more beings can reliably produce and recognize signals between themselves in both directions. We can entrain new protocols to learn new ways of expressing ourselves.

Suppose I generate a tone at 420 cycles per second (Hertz). Call this tone Alpha, or Α.


Now I can generate a second tone at half the value of Α. Call this tone Beta, or Β.


With only these two tones, we could learn to communicate. A one, a two, a one; ΑΒΑ.


If Α and Β are sounded at the same time, you will not be able to separate them very well, for physiological reasons related to the way you hear powers of two as the same “pitch.”


Notice how that is roughly indistinguishable from this:


If we want to have a note that has a different perceived pitch, we need to multiply or divide Α by something other than two. Logically, we can use three. To keep things within our range of perception, divide first by three and then multiply by two, and call this tone Gamma, or Γ.


We might at this point define a rest, a silent note, and call it Chi, or Χ for now.


Anticipating our need for another pitch beyond Γ we can define it as Α divided by five and multiplied by four (remember powers of two maintain perceived pitch), and call it Epsilon, or Ε.


I skipped Delta, because it is the fourth letter and it creates confusion if it is used to represent a divisor of five. Let’s define it as something that doubles the value of the associated notes.


Now we can start making interesting words.