Happy blogiversary, Hipparchia

I’m pretty sure it’s been a year. Go visit over the cliffs, onto the rocks.


Happy blogiversary, Creature & co.

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Recommended reading

Barbara O’Brien @ The Mahablog on the current slate of Democratic candidates.

My own thoughts are similar to hers on this as far as the nomination; as for the general election I would not cast a vote for Hillary Clinton.

A musical offering and other observations


NTodd is wicked smart.


to PJ @ Groklaw, for winning a Knowledge Masters Award for Innovation from the Knowledge Trust and the Louis Round Wilson Academy.

Happy birthday to the blogger formerly known as Mimus Pauly

Jim Yeager of Mockingbird’s Medley is 37. Go read his blog. Then watch this.

Happy birthday Monkeyfister

And Karl Rove announced his resignation just in time to mark the occasion.