A new map of the galaxy

Milky Way annotated

h/t Jeff Fecke.

All information is conserved

I’m not here

I’d like to hear that music, very much.

Jeremy Zilar @ silencematters writes:

There is music aboard the Voyager 1 space probe thanks to Carl Sagan and Frank Drake. (via – CP)

“Containing photographs, natural sounds of Earth and 90 minutes of music from all over our world, the record was intended to preserve something of human culture beyond what an intelligent extraterrestrial, encountering the craft at some far-distant time and place, might infer from the spacecraft itself” – NYT

If you cannot read the NYT links, just wait until after midnight.

Update: Audio here.

All is full of life

Hat-tip Monkeyfister.

Recommended listening:

How I found Eris…

Planet X, if you count Pluto. And she has a moon.

Hat-tip Doug Stych, who has a number of interesting stories to report, as he often does.