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Rudy lies

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Short film

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In a nutshell.

Glenn Greenwald:

This is how it goes endlessly with people like [Washington Post editorial page editor Fred] Hiatt: (1) If X does not happen, there is no justification for staying; (2) X has not happened; (3) we must stay. That is why nothing they say has any meaning. Staying in Iraq is always the only real goal. Everything else is just pretext and blather to continue to do that.

We all are saying

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The US is a powerful country that does not need to prove itself by beating up smaller countries.

There was no casus belli in Iraq.

Occupation will not pacify Iraq, nor should we have any right to expect a reward for our illegal invasion.

As a brave American once said, “You know, this war is so fucking illegal.”

Barack Obama is a member of the reality-based community.

Mitt Romney is not.

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