Project for a new American century: a manifesto


5 Responses to “Project for a new American century: a manifesto”

  1. Harold Kyriazi Says:

    I tried to find out who produced the clip, and from the links given at the end, it seems to be Alex Jones (see

    I’d be interested to know whether he understands the role of land and natural resource monopoly, in addition to the money monopoly, in his take on “The New World Order” and the elite who try to massage world events and politics to suit their needs. I’ve seen no evidence to that effect on any of his websites, and was somewhat surprised (though I do believe in entrepreneurship) to see that access to articles (at least the one titled “Alan Watt on the Global Elite”) on his “” website is restricted to paid members.

    Perhaps it’s my own inner conspiracy theorist talking, but when I find people like Jones coming close to the truth, but not actually hitting the nail on the head (I hope I’m wrong about Mr. Jones on this score), I think that it could be a smokescreen funded by the elite (and without Mr. Jones’ knowledge)! It all serves to confuse people.

    Thus, even the man who tries to identify “the man behind the curtain” may be being used by that very same man behind the curtain.

    At least he has nice things to say about Ron Paul, and is fighting the Neo Cons, who, in my opinion, are being funded and used by the elite.

  2. whig Says:

    I take no position on what Alex Jones’ agenda is or may be, but from my perspective all theories are suspect unless put to the test of a proper criminal investigation of the events of 9/11.

    I frame the question as follows, Who killed Mychal Judge? He was the first victim of that day, it was clearly a murder in the sense that the buildings did not fall due to natural disaster. There is no statute of limitations on murder, so a grand jury ought to be impaneled to investigate and indict those responsible, whoever they may be and whether or not they can be brought into the presence of the jury.

    If Osama bin Laden is responsible, indict him, and all those who participated with him, and if the evidence leads to others who conspired to help or who may have had equal or greater responsibility, indict them as well, in absentia if necessary.

  3. whig Says:

    As for land value tax, it would have to be federally apportioned by appraisal to be constitutional. Do you agree?

  4. whig Says:

    If we were to do such a thing, I would favor an exempt value of land for each person, but not to include artificial or foreign persons.

  5. whig Says:

    This could also function as a negative tax for those holding less than their exemption amount.

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