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I’m just pleased to know when someone appreciates this blog, and hope everyone gets a chance to visit these fine blogs, which are in no particular order, and if I know someone already received this award they will not be listed here — these are some of the best of the best in my opinion, nonetheless:

  1. Dashiell
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  4. Why Now?
  5. Rants from the Rookery
  6. Bad Attitudes
  7. over the cliff, onto the rocks
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Thanks to Monkeyfister for awarding this blog a 2007 Golden Monkeyfist — The Golden Bongload Brotherhood (with blonde hash globules). Please also visit these other fine winners:

For the last several days we have been discussing among ourselves the selection of an Au Peer winner. Monkeyfister should be making an announcement shortly if he has not already.

Update: and the winner of the 2007 Au Peer:

d r i f t g l a s s

Happy New Year!

free the jena six

skippy the bush kangaroo wonders why the big box blogs haven’t been covering the jena, louisiana story.

Whereas we think seniors r teh awesome;

Just getting started…

Paul Krugman has a blog! (h/t Maha):

In fact, let me start this blog off with a chart that’s central to how I think about the big picture, the underlying story of what’s really going on in this country. The chart shows the share of the richest 10 percent of the American population in total income – an indicator that closely tracks many other measures of economic inequality – over the past 90 years, as estimated by the economists Thomas Piketty and Emmanuel Saez. I’ve added labels indicating four key periods. These are:


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