You can’t make this up…


Michael Kamburowski, the Australian immigrant hired as a top official in the California Republican Party, was ordered deported in 2001, jailed three years later for visa violations — and has filed a $5 million wrongful arrest lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, according to U.S. District Court documents.

* * *

Christopher Matthews, a Canadian citizen with no experience in statewide politics, was hired this month after the California Republican party applied for, and received, an H1B visa specifically to fill the role of “political director,” according to U.S. Department of Labor data.

Hat-tip Donna Woodka.

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Update: Phoenix Woman has more:

Lordy, the jokes just write themselves, don’t they? (Though I’d rather see an H-1B, which is intended to boost the American economy, go to him rather than to somebody Bill Gates hired at cut-rate wages to be trained here so that particular somebody can then go back to China or India and help Gates finish the job of totally offshoring Microsoft, as it’s all too obvious he intends to do.)

I agree with Charles, we should offshore the Republican party. Maybe they can help out in Iraq?

No, that might be worse than what Bush did to them. They deserve friendship, not our cast-offs.

Res ipsa loquitur

Mustang Bobby (commenting at Shakesville):

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, the three-times-married, twice-divorced and admitted adulterer, decried a “growing culture of radical secularism” Saturday as he lionized the life of Liberty University’s late founder, Jerry Falwell, in an address to the school’s 2007 graduating class.

Bong Hits 4 ONDCP


I swear to god, it’s like there’s a contest inside the Bush Administration to see who can be the most spectacular hypocrite. At this point, I wouldn’t even be surprised if everyone in the ONDCP office sits around taking bong hits all day.

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Right fucking now.

We all have one father and he does not want us to kill one another.

Look it up!

The preacher on that page reinterprets things in his own dark image, to invert plain meanings with deft commentary. Read with care. Judge every tree by the fruit thereof.



Now I will tell you a secret.

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Is that a “Known Unknown?”

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What did the president know and when did he know it? Who would have known before Rove and Cheney?

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John McCain for president?

Hat-tip Pete McGowan, via thehim.

Adult content

So to speak

Christians in America, as in other countries of predominantly Christian faith, are divided in categories or degrees of political adherence. There are Christians who do not want to force their beliefs upon those who are of other faiths. There are those who silently listen and observe what they can, to be in the world but not of it, and to act and speak when we see injustice or an opportunity to help someone. Many of us are not enrolled in any formal church, we do not subscribe to a particular form of public meeting. Those of us who speak take some risk, because the fake christians who defy the teachings of their proclaimed Christ by their hypocrisy are the ones who have used their deception to oppress anyone who stands against their corrupt ways. Prohibitionists, hypocrites. You are dark somewhere inside yourself and need to let the light in.

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A few days late

NTodd has an interesting perspective on the issue of birth control, of which abortion is only one component. I tend not to write about this issue often because it is so deeply a matter of personal conscience what determines the relative value of a given human life over another. I also take a Monty Pythonesque view on the issue of contraception, which is to say their true view and not the view they satirize by their famous song.

Let me take a moment to point out the obvious hypocrisy of anyone with a purportedly pro-human life outlook being advocates of war. Obviously they value some lives more than others, and some are entirely dispensable to them.

No sane person wants there to be unwanted children or abortions, if it were possible to avoid having them without doing violence to women (or men). We should not want to mutilate people’s genitals, we should not want there to be any harm done to the innocent.

We don’t often enough stop to consider that the cause of violence is usually violence. Stop non-consensual sex and you will stop most or all of the abortions that occur. Stop adultery and you will stop the rest.

Oh, but you don’t want to stop adultery, going by what I see.

Except to punish the woman, because she is the one who is subject to violence from her spouse if she is caught with child.

We have to end the violence done to women, and you know that divorce must be a right for that very reason. But what many of you don’t know or publicly admit due to the risk of persecution is that violence can be tamed by cannabis — marijuana. It is a lie and an obvious one at that when prohibitionists associate cannabis with violence, when the only violence is involved in the criminal aspects of prohibition itself.

End cannabis prohibition and you will see that the very thing you criticize about “hippies” is their non-violence.

End cannabis prohibition and you will end the war in Iraq and in the rest of the middle east. Cannabis can be grown to fuel our economy. Cars and trucks can run on clean biological oils. Paints and chemicals can be made from it. Cannabis may be sacred but she is also profane. We have a petroleum economy today but we cannot have a petroleum economy forever.

The nice thing about standards– is we have so many to choose from.

Jerusalem Post:

The State Department indicated Friday that it had no objection to plan by Jordan to develop a nuclear program for peaceful purposes.

Deputy spokesman Tom Casey, without mentioning Jordan by name, said every country that adheres strictly to the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty “has the right to develop civilian nuclear power for the benefit of their people.”

Casey commented in response to a disclosure King Abdullah II that his government has been discussing with western countries a plan to develop a civilian nuclear capability.

Associated Press (via Glen):

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates – A second U.S. aircraft carrier strike group now steaming toward the Middle East is Washington’s way of warning Iran to back down in its attempts to dominate the region, a top U.S. diplomat said here Tuesday.

Nicholas Burns, U.S. undersecretary of state for political affairs, ruled out direct negotiations with Iran and said a rapprochement between Washington and Tehran was “not possible” until Iran halts uranium enrichment.

Adult content

End cannabis prohibition and the war will end peacefully. That is my advice.


Watch this video on Think Progress. Via Donna Woodka.


John McCain (center)

John McCain voted for torture.

Shakespeare’s Sister has more reasons not to respect him now, even if he was respectable at some time in the past.

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Cannabis is prohibited?

Oh, but this is good:

• Nine percent of 8th graders sniffed glue, spray paints, cleaning fluids or other inhalants, down slightly.

Um. Here’s the thing, parents. Your kids are going to alter their consciousness, and don’t you pretend to me that you don’t alter yours. Everyone does it. Choose your poison, or learn what is good for you.

Sniffing paint is using dope, and it’s not good for you or your kids. Nine percent of 8th graders is way too many kids that are being permanently injured by these dangerous things.

Cannabis is not dope.

Better you should eat or drink or vaporize or smoke cannabis than drink alcohol, smoke tobacco or take prescription mood altering substances. God knows what is good for you, and you will find no better medicine than what God made for you.


Penn & Teller: The “War on Drugs” is Bullshit!

Rahm Emanuel is a hypocrite

He was aware of Mark Foley’s sexual solicitation of minors a year before the story broke, did nothing, and misled the public about his own knowledge. Glenn Greenwald is on the story.

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Update: Big Tent Democrat has another perspective. Hat-tip to scout_prime.

Foley can you hear me?

You didn’t hear it
You didn’t see it.
You won’t say nothing to no one
ever in your life.
You never heard it
Oh how absurd it
All seems without any proof.
You didn’t hear it
You didn’t see it
You never heard it not a word of it.
You won’t say nothing to no one
Never tell a soul
What you know is the Truth.

PJ tells Novell…

As long as we’re doing the downhill shuffle tonight

Watertiger finds something to offend the rest of my audience.

I’m not offended, however. So please don’t feel you should be.

Lying to start a war is a war crime

Colin Powell despises his employers, but serves them without compunction,

Walking into the United Nations, Powell understood he was being used by the administration to persuade not foreign governments but the American people. And persuade them he did. Before his speech, DeYoung points out, two-thirds of Americans were against going to war; after it, half of them favored war. Three-quarters of those polled by The Los Angeles Times said they felt Powell had proved the case against Iraq. Before the speech Colin Powell was the most unambiguously admired figure in public life. “You’ve got high poll ratings,” Cheney said to him beforehand, as he poked Powell in the chest. “You can afford to lose a few points.” “They needed him to do it,” Powell’s wife, Alma, says here, “because they knew people would believe him.”

How you feel about all this will probably say as much about you as it does about Powell. On the one hand, it would have been useful, in retrospect, if he had sacrificed his career for the sake of his country; on the other hand, at the time it wasn’t clear, even to Powell, that his country was making a colossal mistake, or that he had the power to prevent it. But because his decision not to take Bush on directly had the pleasant side effect of preserving his job and his status, it feels, again in retrospect, as if it was another case of Powell being unwilling to do anything that might damage his career.

Read the whole article by Michael Lewis in the New York Times.

Hat-tip to Jerome Doolittle.

Grass: The History of Marijuana

Hat-tip to Monkeyfister.


Do you protest the treatment of political prisoners in communist regimes like Vietnam?

How does your treatment of political prisoners in America compare?

This is a sad day for you.

Please read Glenn Greenwald.

Would you like to be injected with poison?

So the FDA is reapproving silicone breast implants. It’s not that the agency thinks they are actually safe, according to their statistics 69% of women will have a rupture. Regular MRI’s are recommended, beginning three years after implantation, and those are expensive for people to pay for out-of-pocket (insurance doesn’t usually cover costs incident to cosmetic procedures). So my guess is most women won’t have the scans done.

But it will be an interesting scientific experiment for the agency,

[Doctor Daniel G. Schultz, director of the FDA’s Center for Devices and Radiological Health] said the agency would require the companies to conduct post-approval studies involving a total of 80,000 women to continue monitoring the safety of the implants. He said that information would be collected about rates of rupture, cancer and autoimmune diseases and effects of the implants on reproduction. That would enable the agency to evaluate concerns about the implants in a large number of women.

Oh, well, that’s all right then.

Tell me again why the FDA thinks cannabis isn’t proven safe enough for use by medical patients?

Hat-tip to the Heretik.

Turn out the lights

Dear Republican family and friends,

Your party is ended, because it went bad. Don’t try to fix it now, just walk away.

Update: GOP shut out of every single governorship, and every single house and senate seat.

Hat-tip to Maha.

Think about it and get back to me, okay?

Thestales writes,

What message are we sending to our kids when on every sports game there are commercials sending “messages” to our kids that Alcohol is okay. Not to mention the message that all the pharma is sending by placing sleep and boner med commercials too. Why do you people not care about these messages? Where are your groups standing out against these messages?

More self-denial

Shakespeare’s Sister on the tragic fall of Ted Haggard, former pastor of the “New Life Church” through which he condemns himself.

Rise and live, say what you have done and cease to inflict pain upon yourself and others.

PNAC starts a drum beat for full retreat

Like rats from a sinking ship, everyone points and leaves. Or is it a pander bear that eats shoots and leaves? Shakes Sis snaps along,

Richard Perle: “The decisions did not get made that should have been. They didn’t get made in a timely fashion, and the differences were argued out endlessly.… At the end of the day, you have to hold the president responsible.… I think if I had been delphic, and had seen where we are today, and people had said, ‘Should we go into Iraq?,’ I think now I probably would have said, ‘No’…”

Delphic, huh? Well, that’s the best euphemism for “vaguely cognizant of obvious facts” I’ve heard yet!

David Frum: “[I]t now looks as if defeat may be inescapable, because ‘the insurgency has proven it can kill anyone who cooperates, and the United States and its friends have failed to prove that it can protect them.’ This situation, he says, must ultimately be blamed on ‘failure at the center’—starting with President Bush.”

Dayum! Bitch, that’s cold. After G-Dub turned your “axis of evil” speech into the Shit Heard Round the World, all you’ve got to give back is shade?! That’s some serious ice, playa.

Kenneth Adelman: “I just presumed that what I considered to be the most competent national-security team since Truman was indeed going to be competent. They turned out to be among the most incompetent teams in the post-war era. Not only did each of them, individually, have enormous flaws, but together they were deadly, dysfunctional.”


Michael Ledeen: “Ask yourself who the most powerful people in the White House are. They are women who are in love with the president: Laura [Bush], Condi, Harriet Miers, and Karen Hughes.”

I don’t even know what that means, but it doesn’t sound good.

Frank Gaffney: “[Bush] doesn’t in fact seem to be a man of principle who’s steadfastly pursuing what he thinks is the right course. He talks about it, but the policy doesn’t track with the rhetoric, and that’s what creates the incoherence that causes us problems around the world and at home. It also creates the sense that you can take him on with impunity.”


Michael Rubin: “Where I most blame George Bush is that through his rhetoric people trusted him, people believed him. Reformists came out of the woodwork and exposed themselves.”

Is he talking about the Iraq War, or Mark Foley?

Eliot Cohen: “I do think it’s going to end up encouraging various strands of Islamism, both Shia and Sunni, and probably will bring de-stabilization of some regimes of a more traditional kind, which already have their problems.… The best news is that the United States remains a healthy, vibrant, vigorous society. So in a real pinch, we can still pull ourselves together. Unfortunately, it will probably take another big hit. And a very different quality of leadership. Maybe we’ll get it.”

Fo shizzle.

Update: Brad R. has more commentary.

Introducing a new category for hypocrisy

So sue me.

Hat-tip to Shakespeare’s Sister, who is not called Ayesha.