John McCain for president?

Hat-tip Pete McGowan, via thehim.

16 Responses to “John McCain for president?”

  1. Dawg Says:

    I think the problem with McCain is that he is actually a fairly intelligent person, who also happens to be a die hard GOP partyliner (yes, intelligent Republicans do exist). His brain tells him to say something smart, but his conservative talking points say otherwise. Must be confusing for him. His one persistent delusion has been on whether the war can be “won”. I’m sure this comes from his feelings of inadequacy in relation to the US pulling out of Viet Nam. Frankly, I don’t see why Americans like putting “war heroes” in political seats. For the most part, veterans are damaged goods. I mean that in a demeaning way, nobody would argue that war changes a man forever. I will go out on a limb and say that it doesn’t change them for the better.

  2. Dawg Says:

    Sorry, I meant “I don’t mean that in a demeaning way…”

  3. whig Says:

    I don’t think we should judge a person by whether or not they served, but it is one factor to be considered in understanding their history and context. I certainly do not think it is fair to cut people out of society as if they were damaged goods because they may have sacrificed for a cause noble or foolish. I do think you are demeaning veterans, whether you meant to or not.

  4. whig Says:

    John McCain, whose intelligence I have no basis to judge, is a liar and a war lord. On that basis he is unfit to be president.

  5. Tanya Says:

    I read your statement as “GOP pantyliner”. Somehow that seems appropriate. 🙂

  6. whig Says:

    Tanya, for some reason GOP pantyliner makes me think of Giuliani.

  7. Adam Says:

    John McCain may be the only politician that can actually salvage what W. has done (crappy) in Iraq. Being in the military, I would rather see ANY republican in office right now over any democrat (Especially Billary). Republican tend to be better at handling national defense rather and wetting their panties and backing off.

  8. whig Says:

    Republicans seem to be rather poor at caring for injured servicemen and women. Good luck.

  9. Mateo Says:

    I could careless what our new president is capable of doing military-wise in some other country…what about home…what about America. Once all the baby boomers die off this country will change for the better, mark my words. What are McCains views on Marijuana Laws and Regulations? Anyone know?

  10. whig Says:

    Mateo, what have you got against the baby boomers?

  11. gw Says:

    No disrespect for Mr. McCain, or his suffering, he has had enough time to understand why this happened, some useless war, where Americans had no real business, certainly not any advance in ‘civilized society, where anger and rage has occupied most of our’ news, it would be better to try understanding, communicate, use sign language if it works, somewhere, out there in the distant look of your enemies eyes, you might glimpse your face, in that twinkle and blink of an eye, next thing you know, you are here, typing your thoughts and ideas, for some common good, for some way to end war, for some way to change,..

  12. Rightwing humor « cannablog Says:

    […] John McCain for president? […]

  13. Spun Bildak Says:

    Just love the way the regular American citizen FAGS who have never nor ever will wear a uniform can so thoroughly judge those who have.

  14. Michael Says:

    Do you have a problem with your sexual identity, Spun?

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