Steady, as she goes

Launching Rockit, in 3 2 1…

Pictures at an exhibition

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The obvious song

All complete in the sight of seeds of life with you.

Let the dance begin…

The music’s playing, the notes are right
Put your left foot first and move into the light.
The edge of this hill is the edge of the world
And if you’re going to cross you better start doing it right
Better start doing it right.

How many more have to die?

Certifiable #1 Smash

Live in Berkeley, California, USA

Across the river and I have the touch.

Is this political?

Rudy and the New Huevos Rancheros

Reinvocation (Belgium)

Return Dull Care.

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John Lennon made lots of money too

John Edwards

John Edwards is a very rich man. He can afford a $400 haircut. He has made no secret of this.

He has not unjustly enriched himself, to my knowledge.

This cannot be said of Republicans who profit from human misery.

Timing malfunction

For my parents’ generation

My grandparents’ generation

Little Amsterdam

for RAINN.

Check out the audience

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Eurocentric, but good.

My generation remembers, and we do not forget the terrible price inflicted. We need a time to heal.

The times in which this was made and broadcast, we were children, they could say no more than this much. We can say more now. We need to learn to live in peace with one another and to respect our different traditions, while allowing our children to go outside our old traditions. We need to acknowledge that the sins of our forefathers are visited upon their victims, and make our own apologies for having the fruits of injustice. Yet the good that our fathers did may outweigh any incidental harm if we can all find a way to share the fruits of joy and love with one another.

I ask forgiveness of all who may think I have done them a harm by existing, or by accepting any gift which helps to sustain my life, if it ever occurred at your expense and without permission. I do not wish to be led astray from the truth by hopes of wealth, but I wish to preserve and protect that which is valuable to all of humankind.

If you feel I have done a greater harm, or if I have done one that could not be avoided that requires more explanation, I will ask that I be told. This is not the place for putting personal grievances which require knowledge of who I am, but to what you see before you. If you feel I am unjust or wrong, tell me so.

There is a season turning now.

This could be heaven right here on earth.

For the unrequited, fulfillment comes eventually if you keep faith

It might not come from where and when you expect.

This is my message to you.

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Do you prefer plagues of locusts?

Who blinks?

The fifth dimension

Somebody broke into my car, took my underwear. That’s gross!

Too much music blogging?


Dong Hits 4 Kenneth: 420Hz on your radio receiver

Kenneth Starr loves the Clenis.

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Ten years and five days ago

A half dollar, a half dollar, a penny and two bits.

Strange and unexpected combinations

You are Peter, and upon this rock.