Rob recommends watching this.


Everything is perfectly under control

Apocalypse of Timothy

Patenting poisoned populations for profit

Waiting to inhale

Parental guidance suggested — mature subject matter

A moment of reflection


The World According to Monsanto


h/t monkeyfister and thanks to jurassicpork for reminding me

Update: If this video has disappeared, Todd Green has found replacements.

Update 2: Ellroon has found another replacement.

Movin’ right along

Turn left at the fork in the road.

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Incident at Oglala

Minus point one

Waves of light, sound and consciousness

Mind over matter

h/t mr damon @ 22 over 7.

Most Illuminated Being, Saint Robert Anton Wilson

Universal communication

Rhythms of the universe

Ped Xing

How’s it going?

Even photons have consciousness

1, 2, 3, security so us up




“War made easy”

This film is a must see. About an hour and ten minutes in length.

h/t Monkeyfister.

Welcome to Duke Reginald’s court of unending possibilities

Part I.

Part II.

Part III.

You can find the rest.

Puzzling Evidence

Echoes of 2001

Short film

(h/t Len Hart @ The Existentialist Cowboy)

Hemp for victory

Who’s running this country anyhow?

Len Hart suggests this film.


NOLA Not OK Flag

Prodromal phase

Debtor nation

Hat-tip Monkeyfister.

Alfred Hitchcock presents…

Monkeyfister will not let us forget. Thank you.

Meet the College Republicans

Signs of the times.

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Project for a new American century: a manifesto

Is she a good witch, or a bad witch?

Invent your own titles. Fun for the family*!

*Cannablog has been rated PG. Parental guidance suggested.

Documentary on American Healthcare system

Hat-tip Monkeyfister, who might have a backup if this doesn’t work.

Extraordinary detention, extraordinary treatment, extraordinary disappearance

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Saturday afternoon movie

Permaculture: The Garden of Eden


Will it work?

Do plants grow?

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It was forty years ago today

Late show

This is a six part series, one episode per day.

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This is episode six.

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Aspartame: Brought to you by Donald Rumsfeld

Stay away from artificial sweeteners.

An addictive synthetic neurotoxic stimulant ought to be regulated as a drug, not a food additive.

Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World.

Late show

This is a six part series, one episode per day.

Previous episode:

This is episode five.

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San Francisco

Late show

This is a six part series, one episode per day.

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This is episode four.

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Must read

Xeni Jardin posts comments on the situation with the media equivalent of RNC (“Faux”) News in Venezuela.

Might also watch, per recommendation:

Make up your own mind, and speak it.