Signs of the times.

Hat-tip Monkeyfister.


2 Responses to “Signs of the times.”

  1. Harold Kyriazi Says:

    Being a geo-libertarian, i.e., someone who thinks he understands not only the money, media, education, and governance monopolies mentioned in this movie, but also land monopoly, I sometimes think (in my more pessimistic moments) that we’d be better off with the privileged elite controlling everything.

    Once they get their One World Government and are firmly in control, they shouldn’t have any need for war. They have no inherent economic interest in killing people per se, but only in having them be productive workers and milking them for everything they’ve got (i.e., enslaving them in a way that hides the enslavement process).

    And from that point on, all we need do is educate everyone, including the ruling elite, about land monopoly (a la Henry George and his great book, Progress and Poverty), and hopefully they’ll do the right thing.

    The only problems I see with this type of evolutionary socio-political change are that 1) the elite may rightly consider that if the masses are too stupid to realize what’s keeping them down, then they don’t deserve an equal share of the earth’s natural resources or to be truly free, 2) if the universal implanting of those RFID chips ever becomes a reality, Big Brother will have truly arrived, and we’ll all be at the mercy of the bureaucratic/political dregs that rise to leadership positions within our government, and 3) if we get One World Government, what’s to prevent some half-crazy Hitler type from grabbing total control, and going after the ruling elite?

  2. whig Says:

    The truth is when you divide humanity into rulers and ruled, the highest priority of the rulers is invariably to preserve their rule. This requires keeping the ruled inferior by way of education or access to anything which would empower them to seize power from the rulers.

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