Documentary on American Healthcare system

Hat-tip Monkeyfister, who might have a backup if this doesn’t work.


6 Responses to “Documentary on American Healthcare system”

  1. Monkeyfister Says:

    Your WELCOME!!!


    I’ve now got the film file, so, if it goes down, I can re-post it within an hour or so.


  2. Monkeyfister Says:

    I’ve got the back-up, and will work out a good place to post it as SOON as this one goes down– I’ll keep you posted, Whig.

    Dude– I’m SOOOOO geeked that this this file is going to make it through the night!



  3. Pandora Says:

    After having watched this I feel I must quote my father- “We are not one nation under god but under the dollar. The almighty dollar, it is what moves us. No longer is it the pursuit of happiness but of seeming happiness. We are a nation of self rigthousness. We do whatever it takes to get ourselves ahead and never look back on those we have stepped on. It is sad sick and disgusting and it makes me wonder why we are still living here.”
    Sadly my father is no longer living, he had an acute heart attack that probably could have been prevented had he taken measures but we had no insurance and he an intense fear of the hospitals because they were after nothing but his money and would benefit more from his prolonged ilness.
    My mother in law is a life care nurse- she works at a reirement home and she is consistently telling me horror stories of how staffing is being cut, and because of this meds are being given late. Stories of careless nurses who only do it for the money and dont care about their patients.
    My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2001, not a severe case and it was removed. Then four years later to the month she was diagnosed with it again, this time more severe. She had to undergo kemotherapy. Because of the previous incident she could not qualify for insurance. Bills piled up and she was increasingly worried. Fortunately she worked for a catholic school where a man asked the preacher if he knew of anyone needing charity and the preacher told the man of my mother. This man dontated alot of money to my mother without which she would have been financially ruined.
    I am surrounded by this issue and am appaled that we who are a supposed superpower cannot take care of our own people. My father was right. Big business cares for nothing but money. I am not a religious person much to my mothers dismay but I have always been a bit naive in the belief of human decency, well at least when it comes to my fellow americans. As to the rest of the world- well I always was a bit of the tory.

  4. whig Says:

    The corporations are running things for profit right now. The American people have been brainwashed to believe that the alternative is communism.
    Some things should not be for-profit. Health care, life and death issues, should never depend upon one’s ability to pay whether someone can make a profit on you.

  5. Pandora Says:

    Which is what I thought I had implied. One note on the documentary- I thought it was rather funny that Moore mentioned his annymous donation to his biggest critic whom will probably watch this video. Not so annymous.

  6. whig Says:

    Yeah, I think we are in agreement on this one. I’m not sure about copying Cuba (and that idea would be as politically viable as a lead balloon) but France and the UK and Canada are all industrially comparable to the US and people aren’t afraid of losing their health insurance in those countries.

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