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  1. neovids Says:


    I wanted to let everyone know that there is a documentary that you might be interested in about the raging battle taking place in San Diego over medical marijuana. The film is called RX Cannabis, and there is a trailer online that you can view.

    We will be adding more video online very soon including behind the scenes footage and vlogs from the filmmaker. In the meantime, we’d love to hear your thoughts on the trailer and any comments.

    Here are some links:

    trailer: (more coming soon)

  2. Ed Says:

    Technical question … how do you get your YouTube videos to appear in your feed (is there a plugin you recommend). I’m sending this here because you don’t have an e-mail listed. You have a very compelling and prolific blog.

    Many thanks,

  3. whitishrabbit Says:

    Hi Ed,

    To imbed a youtube video on a wordpress blog, you get the url (not the imbed code, the top one) for the video you want from the YouTube site, and paste it inside of

    so it looks like

    A bit simpler than they make it out on the how-to.

  4. whig Says:

    Wow. Technical support is on the job! 🙂

  5. D.R.Scott Says:

    Hey, man.

    Thanks for dropping a comment on my blog. On those frequent “long dark tea-times of the soul” when I’m wondering if I’m typing to myself, it’s feels good to know that somebody is reading. I appreciate it, my friend.

    Oh. One more thing.

    As I wrote, “it’s a short list”. Usually, it’s who you exclude on lists like this that provoke controversy. It’s fun. Can you imagine what carnage goes on when Rolling Stone publishes a “100 Greatest Albums” issue?

    Redrum. Redrum.

  6. psburton Says:

    Thanks for the comments on my blog posts, I was reading your post’s related to weed. since I do not know your age or what generation you grew up, my reference points may be too old for you, When I was in college we were sure weed would be as legal as a pack of smokes by the time I was thirty, World was a way different place, Republicans practiced a very different kind of conservatism and Democrats were too liberal, Today the Democrats are the party of common sense and the GOP is run by evangelical fanatics.

    One day decades ago, I was getting stoned with Doctor Tim who was in Santa Cruz doing a tour with G.Gordan Liddy, I said that by the time I was his age, Weed would take the place of booze in American Culture, He told me almost prophetically that by the time I was his age I would despise what was to become of most of the people I hung around with on campus, That there would be a whole lot less freedom and between him and I, know matter what he lectured about, WEED would never be legal and dam if he didnt have it right, I despise the guys who went on to join the Neo Conservative movement, there is less individual freedom and the only national personality who even talks about weed is Bill Maher.

  7. whig Says:

    Lots of national personalities you don’t see talking about cannabis but do so quite a bit. The media itself is the problem here, because they choose what to give coverage to and what to deny coverage of. There is a media blackout of cannabis advocacy, because we are supposed to be fighting a “war” on it. To allow and support pro-cannabis speech is to give the “enemy” aid and comfort.

    Of course this is frankly absurd, and there is no reason for it to continue, because the stakes now are very serious. Cannabis is legal in California and more than a dozen states for medical patients whose doctor recommends it, a huge majority of the public nationwide supports medical marijuana. Recreational use is another matter, and I’d expect it to be taxed and regulated for sale to those 21 and over, much as alcohol. I also expect that tobacco might have its allowable age raised to 21 as well, to match. But people are becoming aware that cannabis treats diseases of aging, like Alzheimer’s disease, and you aren’t going to keep it away from them for long.

  8. Quran Bible Says:

    Read couple of your comments on Doug’s blog and really like what you said. I will add your blog on my list. Nice to be around intelligent rational honest truth loving people.

    Best Regards,

  9. whig Says:

    Please feel free to comment on any thread, I think we are from different cultures and it would be fine to have communication.

  10. Stein Grana Says:

    Hi, Firstly Thanks. I have visited the site quite a few times. It has change appearance 3 times from when I first viewed. The layout I liked the best, was the soft cool jade emblem. Kind of Regal looking. After all, it was paying homage to the classic CARPENTERS tracks. Still your the boss, and probably feel a rotation of layouts invites other species to get involved. Keep up the work man, it’s all good. P.S. I did like the jade cool emblem site layout though. It was befiting. Thanks for keeping my comments posted. They stated the obvious. Pure class. Thanks Stein Grana.

  11. whig Says:

    Well, the different appearances are themes that are provided by WordPress, and all of them have limitations, but it’s a trade-off to get the best functionality and appearance at the same time. Since there are multiple authors, the themes which don’t display the post author are not satisfactory. The more complex themes have some glitches for some readers.

    Maybe someday we will move to a commercial hosting server and have more customization options available.

  12. whig Says:

    I see you made contact on 4/20. 🙂

  13. Stein Grana Says:

    Michelangelo Buonarroti, Alexander G Bell, Joseph Pulitzer, Albert Einstein, Yuri Gargarin, Dr. Suess, Mickail Gorbach, Rupert Murdoch, Bruce Willis and ofcourse Karen Carpenter…They are all talking to us. To the Moon, Mars and beyond. Zero’s and Ones are back to basics, so Space is Home. Stein Grana. Touchdown, innerspace. The big Bang, The big Apple. Flight 1018 Millennium. On off on FOREVER…—… Thanks.

  14. whig Says:

    The nearest discovered earthlike planet is about twenty light-years from here, so we’d be getting the response from about the 1960s coming in now.

  15. Stein Grana Says:

    They are already here

  16. D. Hastineros Says:

    I wanted to comment on the article about Marijuana and Meniere’s Disease. I was diagosed with Meniere’s approximately 1 year ago. Without Marijuana to ease my symptoms when attacks occur I don’t know where I’d be. The anxiety, nausea, depression, dizziness that accompany this illness are all difficult symptoms to deal with. Marijuana is a miracle for me.

  17. enreal Says:

    hey whig…i don’t know what happened but i can not seem to reply to you on my site…the comment box leads me straight to…weird. So I may have to delete your response
    😦 Sorry… I don’t know how, anyway what I wanted to say is thank you and I checked out that link. I have to try and reread the Bible. I never read the whole thing. and I especially like the last two verses!

  18. Jeff Hill Says:

    Penn & Teller: The “War on Drugs” is Bullshit!

    I tried to view this video and was not able to do so on your website.

    Thanks for nothing.

    Jeff Hill

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