Cohen & Grigsby: A Pittsburgh law firm teaches employers how not to hire Americans

Hat-tip Charles.


9 Responses to “Cohen & Grigsby: A Pittsburgh law firm teaches employers how not to hire Americans”

  1. Charles Says:

    It’s just amazing, isn’t it, whig?

    People need to ask why these companies are hiring foreigners in preference to Americans. It’s not salary. It’s to keep American workers scared, to grind down ethical standards, and to facilitate lawbreaking.

  2. whig Says:

    I used to live and work in Pittsburgh. I’m not surprised at all.

  3. Bryan Says:

    It’s profits over people and product in the computer industry. They will tell you that they are bringing in people with the new skills, but you can’t develop the “new skills” on old equipment, using old languages.

    It’s almost as if no one is supposed to be aware that there are export controls on computer hardware and software that prevent other countries from obtaining the most current US hardware and software.

    It’s nice that this is spreading virally.

  4. whig Says:

    I don’t know good programmers who aren’t open source / free software advocates now. So maybe we don’t make as much money, but we make a bigger difference now.

  5. whig Says:

    Why should money be our highest value, anyhow?

    It isn’t mine.

  6. Duke Says:

    The people should demand this Pitsburgh law firm be thoughly investigated and find out what part of the Government knows about these practices…We all know the government is responsible for this Treason.Their heads should roll first..After all they started the ball rollin’.Let’s
    make this issue strong enough to demand and end to all of this pandering to third world immigrants..
    This is America and it’s citizens should come first..We know our president and his whole assortment of a deranged motley Crew feel different. I say “To Hell with Em’
    Let’s take back America.Get rid of “Tandoori Chicken” and Enchiladas”
    Go back to
    “White Castle Hamburgers and Nathans Hot Dogs”

  7. whig Says:

    What’s stopping you from eating all the hamburgers and hot dogs you want?

  8. You can’t make this up… « cannablog Says:

    […] Cohen & Grigsby: A Pittsburgh law firm teaches employers how not to hire Americans This entry was written by whig and posted on June 24, 2007 at 1:50 pm and filed under Hypocrisy, Republicans. Bookmark the permalink. Follow any comments here with the RSS feed for this post. Post a comment or leave a trackback: Trackback URL. « CNN confuses Syria with Afghanistan […]

  9. whig Says:

    What I think “Duke” is saying is that he wants to get rid of Indians (Tandoori Chicken) and Mexicans (Enchiladas). It’s not very well veiled.

    Of course that’s not what this is about. Corporations are importing workers in order to intentionally displace Americans.

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