How are they doing? We don’t ever hear…

Hat-tip baronette

7 Responses to “How are they doing? We don’t ever hear…”

  1. whig Says:

    First Draft is a blog that has stayed pretty on top of things there, and has been helping organize people to work on fixing what can be fixed. I feel bad because I cannot afford to give much or do much, my wife and I make slightly less than we need to break even — it’s only a hundred or so dollars of deficit every month, but that hurts and needs to change if we’re going to plan any kind of life.

    I’m basically feeling pretty worn-out and useless right now, as if there is nothing really more I can say here and I am recognizing it cannot be a way to earn a living. I need to do something to help us, I cannot only help others, but I feel like I am turning my back in some way. And I’m not really helping anyone else anymore either, I’ve done what I can and said what I needed to say. Saying more then becomes nothing but vanity.

    I may just take a break from all this and do something else. I hope I did some good.

  2. whitishrabbit Says:

    You talked about blogging for a few bucks. You can write articles at A.C. and make around $5-$10 per article accepted. They accept all of mine. I hear you can make more for exclusive; and you write what you want, within certain parameters.

  3. whitishrabbit Says:

    Be patient and come back to it naturally. You’ll want to when the current changes… it will.

  4. whig Says:

    Looks interesting, though I’m not sure my writing would be the best fit for them. I could write about something other than music and cannabis, but writing what you know and what you can directly experience while you describe it is something that leads to a better result for me. In truth, until this cannabis prohibition is ended, it is part of how we are expected to be “reformed.” There is supposed to be an economic penalty imposed upon those like me, especially those who openly speak about it.

    And so I take that, and understand it, and maybe I will try to write on a different subject altogether under my own name and without connection to this blog.

  5. whitishrabbit Says:

    K. But look up Agaric on A.C.

    I think you’ll see there is room for those topics, too.

    Hope you feel better.

  6. whig Says:

    I think this war has all of us crazy at times. I keep trying to make it become peace but it doesn’t work and I have to come back to the fact that the war doesn’t care if we believe in it.

  7. whig Says:

    Oh… Agaric seems interesting.

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