Nuclear weapons should never be used.

Hillary Clinton’s insistence on maintaining official silence might be to impress upon some adversary the fear that we might use them. The truth is, no one knows because the button goes to whomever it goes.

Even if we survive this administration and elect a Democratic candidate, there is no guarantee against a George Bush III in the future. Just as we have been cautioning Republicans that they should not give Bush II powers they wouldn’t want Clinton II to have, we should allow for the possibility, and cease this nonsense.

If America uses a nuclear weapon against anyone ever again, there will cease to be America. We will be torn apart inside and out; there would be no shelter from the storm. We cannot use these things. Let’s turn them to some peaceful purpose.

Update: Sifu Tweety Fish @ The Poor Man Institute has more.

    6 Responses to “Nuclear weapons should never be used.”

    1. Rainbow Demon Says:

      Right On, Whig…

      Is this the difference between Republican Lite Dems and Moderates?


    2. D.R.Scott Says:

      Thankfully, Hillary won’t be a problem.

      Since we’re still living in the real world, there’s no chance of either Hillary or Obama being elected President.

      Call me cynical, but too many white guys ain’t gonna vote for a castrating bitch or a nigger. Blunt? Politically incorrect? Sure. But once you strip away the lame-ass alibis, that’s what they’re really thinking. To believe otherwise is to ignore the deep racial and gender divisions in this country that got Bush elected in the first place.

      And that’s why Edwards is so dangerous to the Republican brain trust. He’s smart, articulate, charming, passionate–and white. Even worse, he has a populist message that squarely places the blame on what’s gone bad in America today: the ever-growing chasm between rich and poor. Edwards knows who the real terrorists are, and they’re the corporate fat cats who dream of the “Good Old Days” they enjoyed before that bastard FDR and his New Deal fucked everything up.

      Republicans who love it if Hillary wins the primary. It sure as hell would get Romney elected.

    3. whig Says:

      D.R.Scott: Okay, I’ll call you cynical. I don’t know that there is any woman who would stand a greater chance of being considered electable than Hillary Clinton and I’m glad to have her considered seriously because there should be no barrier to a woman becoming president. And Barack Obama might even be a good choice in eight years.

      I think John Edwards would be a good choice in 2008.

    4. whig Says:

      Rainbow Demon: I’m not sure what those labels mean, to be honest.

    5. Blue Gal Says:

      I’m with you, and with the blogger who said let’s take nuclear f-in armegeddon off the table.

    6. Grace Says:

      You know – if “Armegeddon” is going to be discussed, it’s interesting to note that America isn’t mentioned in End Time Prophecy.

      Perhaps that’s because some asshole decides to push the button from inside, and after the fallout, ‘we’ don’t exist anymore.

      My hope and prayer is that the stories are true. That there are entities more advanced than ourselves who are standing by, waiting to interceed if some crazyass wants to use nukes.

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