Dennis Kucinich for president

Yeah, I’m endorsing three people now. Who says I can’t?

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10 Responses to “Dennis Kucinich for president”

  1. FarmerJean Says:

    I’m endorsing Dennis Kucinich because of his principled and consistent stand against the Iraq War (and war in general) and his Iraq Withdrawal Plan (HR1234, already submitted as a bill in Congress); because of his activism on universal single-payer health care (HR 676, the Conyers-Kucinich health care bill, already written and in the hopper in Congress), and his understanding of the dynamic that has led to the trashing of the middle class (he says he’ll get us out of NAFTA, CAFTA, etc., when he becomes President).
    But if the drug war is the issue, Dennis Kucinich has a long history of support for the legalization of marijuana, the legalization of hemp, and opposition to the so-called war on drugs. Check out his extensive writings on the issue at

  2. Quran Bible Says:

    Dennis Kucinich is the most honest politicians in US politics and this is his biggest disadvantage because majority of the voters have difficulty understanding his message. The average US citizens will go for someone who is charasmatic liar than honest truthful politicians like Dennis Kucinich and Howard Dean. The common average intelligence US citizens make up their minds by watching News Network propaganda never really pay close attention to the message.

    G. W. Bush when was running against Al Gore my pridictions to my friends were that he is person not to be trusted because he will invade Iraq. My friends still remember this and I have no special power to see the future this pridiction was all carefull analysis of what Bush was saying.

    Lets examine couple of Democrats and Repulican front runners.

    Hilary Clinton – I like her because she acted with grace and dignity by standing with Bill Clinton during and after Monica scandal. She is typical politicans who will not hesitate to lie to win election and she is trying hard to spin her vote to authorise Iraq invasion. She could be typical President (if elected) making her policies on opinion polls.

    Barak Obama – Like him very much and wish him to be the first African American Preisent elected. His chances are not so bright because no matter how much people deny it there still is race factor on US citizens minds.

    Rudy Gulliani – Never like him when he was Mayor of NY. He is running on 9/11 leadership which I really don’t understand what he did except visiting the ground zero covering his mouth with mask. What leadership did he showed after 9/11 is nothing more than these visits and lots of press conferences which was his duty as the Mayor of NY. Rudy wants to fight terrorism just like Bush which is the most stupid policy which will escalate the terrorism and this stupid war on terrorism is never ending war.

    John McCain – Maverick? Not really. The way he speak on the camera is not the real person. He has developed this image for the public. He really don’t have any chances of winning the Republican nomination because of Iraq war support.

    Democracy is most frustrating when ingelligent voters choice are dominiated by average intelligence people.

    Dennish Kuncinich yes I can vote for such a nice policitican, but I can’t vote in US elections.

  3. whig Says:

    I think that democracy can work if the people are given intelligence. That’s what happens when we talk to one another and share our knowledge and understanding.

  4. Quran Bible Says:

    Friend you really can’t shove down common sense into someone who does not have the capability to analyze simple political situation.

    Following are couple of remarks made by US voters.

    Plenty of people did not vote for Gore because according to them he was to stiff. LOL. What it has to do with his policies or governing the country.

    I also heard the comment on CNN when one voter very proudly said in his Southern accent regarding Clinton White House Chief of Staff that he can’t vote for someone worked for pervert. Listening these comments make me laugh at the stupidity and how they dominate the elections.

  5. whig Says:

    We have the blogs now, it makes a difference. The corporate media has kept a tight rein on public opinion, seeking out only the stupidest and least informed to comment. Not all Americans are like that, nor even most of us, gauging from online opinion. They no longer will dominate our elections.

  6. Quran Bible Says:

    Don’t get me wrong. These comments were not to insult the majority of Americans. They do really dominate the elections because witness this stupidity in Connecticut Senate race where 26% Democrats voted for Lieberman knowing that how strongly he supports Bush’s “war on terror”. These 26% Democrats cost them one valuable vote in Senate.

    BTW I lived and worked in USA and know the country and the people very well. Always have very positive opinion because of the respectful treatment given by Customs and Immigration. Over all very very good opinion about America and its people ofcourse with few exceptions. This will be my last comment for this topic but sure will comment on your posts in the future as well.

  7. whig Says:

    The thing about public opinion is that it generally changes slowly, and I think that is true of any country. It is hard enough for one person to change his or her mind, but some will do so sooner than others, and it takes a long hard process to change the minds of a majority.

    Joe Lieberman had been a Democrat. He had even been the Democratic party nominee for vice president only six years before the senate race you are talking about. Over two-thirds of the Democrats in Connecticut voted against him in November.

    Who really elected him were the Republicans, who did not support their own nominee but voted by a huge margin for Lieberman. The Republican party is disgraced, and will recede from power. Even so, it will take time for many minds to change. There will be those 26 percenters for awhile.

  8. Quran Bible Says:

    Sorry your comments make me post my response. I know very well who is Joe Lieberman and yes majority of the Liberals did voted for his opponent. I am here criticizing 26% Liberals who voted for Lieberman.

    Liberman was the wrong choice made by Gore for VP.

  9. whig Says:

    You are welcome to post responses. And I agree with you on this.

  10. Dennis Kucinich is absolutely correct. « cannablog Says:

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