Right on

Jerome Doolittle @ Bad Attitudes:

The Guardian has a promising new website, Guardian America. In it Sidney Blumenthal offers a piece on how Rudy Giuliani’s old pal, Michael Mukasey, has publicly revealed that he intends to be not the nation’s lawyer but just another of Bush’s sock puppets.

The Senate Democrats could have spared us this further indignity but a controlling majority of them are too cowardly to do so. Principal among these cowards is the revolting Charles Schumer of New York. You may have seen him once or twice on TV, where he plays a liberal.

He has more. Read on if you can handle a bit of intramural criticism.

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Update: NTodd @ Dohiyi Mir suggests we stop calling the administration’s torture program “waterboarding,” and start calling it “partial drowning interrogation.”


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