Doctors say cannabis treats Meniere’s disease

More good news about cannabis. People suffering from intense vertigo and nausea due to an inner ear problem — a condition of unknown cause and limited susceptibility to conventional medical treatment called Ménière’s disease — find significant improvement from cannabis, according to California doctors.

California doctors routinely approve the use of cannabis by Meniere’s patients who say that it helps ease their symptoms. “Meniere’s causes dizziness, dizziness causes nausea, cannabis relieves nausea,” says David Bearman, MD. “I wouldn’t be surprised if the symptoms caused Mrs. Gee to be a little depressed and of course cannabis helps that, too.”

Robert Sullivan, MD, corroborates: “I’ve issued many recommendations for Meneire’s, as well as tinnitus [ringing in the ears]. It works well enough to make a significant improvement in patients’ lives, i.e., symptoms not gone but much abated so they can function and carry on their daily activities, instead of sitting and suffering. It also aids sleep.”

R. Stephen Ellis, MD, has given some thought to how cannabis might help in the treatment of Meniere’s. “Three possible mechanisms come to mind,” he says. “Number one, the anti-anxiety effect of cannabis would be very useful to a Meniere’s patient. These people are anxious as can be when they hit the ER. When they get an attack it’s as if they are wired — that’s why Ativan is one of the treatments, to bring them down. Two would be the anti-nausea effect. Duh! You’re barfing and there’s a drug that offers relief in 10 seconds. The third is slowing down the vertigo itself — the sensation of spinning caused by the inner ear problem. My patients say cannabis is as good as Benadryl, which is the classic treatment. I recall reading that the auditory nerve does have CB1 receptors. I don’t know about the cochlear structure itself.”

Fred Gardner has more.

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  1. GEL Says:

    Ah, very interesting. I need to read and digest this when I’m not sleepy. My graduate degree is in audiology so I’ve had patients with Meniere’s Disease. For now, I’ll say that I feel there are many good reasons for the legalization of cannibas in certain cases, particularly for pain management, but I am not a doctor and am not current with the literature on this issue.

  2. whig Says:

    I think it should be legal because it helps you be healthier. It’s just that simple.

  3. Mike Says:

    As one who suffers with all of the issues of Meniere’s Disease, I came to find out about how helpful Cannabis can be for the symptoms, etc. from a suggestion (actually a joking suggestion) by a friend.

    I had (mis)used Cannabis as a teen, but left the drug behind in my 20’s as did most adolescent users. I had -0- use of the drug until recent years when the Meniere’s was becoming nearly disabling.

    One of the more difficult “symptoms” of Meniere’s Disease is when the inner ear, due to excess fluids inside, caused pressure to build up. This causes pressure in the head, but not really “pain” in the classical sense. It does make simple things, like THINKING, a real challenge. This (in my case) often precedes a more severe Vertigo attack, and I can feel it building up throughout the day. I do believe much of this is caused by work & life related stress.

    I discussed the possibility of trying MJ for this symptom with my wife first. She had little/no experience with MJ, but told me if it had a chance to make me better then “Go for it!”.

    A couple days later I had severe fullness all afternoon, and once the day was over I stepped outside and took just 2 puffs of MJ. Within seconds (literally) the feeling of the fullness was reduced by at least 75%, and within 5 min. it was gone entirely.

    Prior to this time I had been experiencing 2-3 severe Vertigo attacks weekly….most times these attacks would last 2-5 hrs. before abating, or I used a Phenagren suppository to stop the vomiting. Valium has litte effect once an attack had begun, and I refused to take it on a regular basis due to the severe withdrawl asociated with stopping regular Valium use.

    Spending 2-5 hrs. at a time in the bathroom, most of it leaning over the edge of a hard porcelain toilet bowl, is no fun at all. (we called it the “Vomitorium” as I had spent so much time there).

    Since I started regular (once daily) metered doses of MJ I have had -0- (that’s right not one) severe episode, and no vomit level episodes in over 9 months. (that’s heaven for me).

    I use less than 1/2 gr. of a specific type of MJ, daily, and am told this is much less than the average MJ user for other medical issues.

    I am definitely NOT in remission, as I still experience very mild vertigo at times, and the fullness seems to show up every 2-3 days and remind me that, while I may be knocking down the physical discomfort of the symptoms, I still have the disease. My ability to hear continues to be less and less with each hearing test I undergo.

    I have shared this (openly) with my doctors (ENT and Neurotologist). My regular ENT was supportive (asked questions) but didn’t want to touch the legal issue associated with Medical MJ, and the other (a noted specialist) acted like I had leprosy and wanted nothing more than for me to get out of his office. Sad part was, I had taken the time to travel 200 miles to this guys office, sat and waited for 2 hrs, then a 1 hr. audio test, and FINALLY get to see the man and he doesn’t come any closer to me than 5 ft. He acted like I had some incurable and highly contagious disease just because I was honest and straight-forward about the use of a drug I believe could help thousands of Meniere’s suffers.

    I am a male, business professional and in my late 40’s, and using Cannabis to treat my Meniere’s has allowed me to NOT have to take any more Valium, Phenagren or other drugs like them. The disease had been so severe that at the time I decided to try the Cannabis, I was also trying to determine if I should sell my firm as I was honestly afraid I would soon be fully disabled, and no longer capable of representing my Principals properly.

    Other than a slight loss of motivation in the mornings, I have noted no adverse side effects from using the Cannabis daily.

    The only remaining approved medical treatment options (as explained to me by a Neurotologist) were either to surgically cut the vestibular nerve, or destroy it chemically with injections of Gentamiacin. Either of the above require extensive therapy to re-gain balance and motor skills, and I would be permanently deaf in the ear treated with either option.

    It (medical cannabis) has truly given me my life and my career back. I find it sad that the social stigma surrounding the use of Cannabis has clouded the potential of it as a medication to the point that most MD’s I’ve met are terrified to even go near the subject for fear of government retribution.

    I, for one, refuse to stay sick when there is a safe, highly effective treatment that exists.


    • patricia Says:

      Mike-i could really relate to your letter. i have had Meniere’s for 18 years but the episodes have been increasing in frequency for the past year and a half. i have not been able to work since then, was an ER nurse and the anxiety of possibly having a drop attack, the unilateral deafness that left me unable to locate where sounds (eg. alarms) are coming from, and the inability to drive at times have made me feel unsafe.
      so, my boyfriend from Colorado has his card and i’ve been trying it. i recently went on vacation with grandkids and nonsmokers for 10 days (no weed) and had 2 drop attacks and 2 vertigos where i lost the day.
      i’m still trying to get into remission with daily SERC, diazide but am confident that the MM is my answer, just need to titrate and learn to grow, as the dispensaries are expensive. i am a resident of a non-legal state, or i would have my card! but it is on our ballot for november and they have already passed a bill on how to tax it, so looks good!
      i would rather not support the outrageous drug companies.
      i had a vertigo attack today, couldn’t walk or focus, and it was while i was caring for a grandbaby–pretty scary. took the regular meds, valium, dyazide, meclizine, and improved a bit. then took a small hit and within minutes was totally fine. i’m a believer!

      • Mike ( Joe Dirt) Says:

        Guys that is so awesome your getting relief. I’ve had this disease for the last 10yrs. Just had the Endophatic sac enhance now i’m worse than before, I take all the meds. Have had the shots in the eardrum etc,etc.. JUz went to Indy to another specialist same ol same ol low salt no booze,snubbed his arrogant nose at me when told him after i quit smoke-in weed my symptoms got worse…
        Anyway here in Indiana you can’t get any alternative meds. These quacks just wanna crack your skull and cut nerves,which is what he wants to do next. Not happening i’m going back to blazin i’ll just keep chancing it on drug test at work lol..Thanks for listening guys ..Hope and pray the best for you,,,

    • Jeff Says:

      Mike, it’s been five years since you posted about your Meniere’s. I’ve got it, as well (five months). I’m wondering how you’re doing now. Are you still using MJ? I’ve been smoking lightly and recreationally for a couple years prior to coming down with this illness. But I stopped smoking it when I found out I had Meniere’s because pot can make me light-headed, and I became worried pot might exacerbate my Meniere’s symptoms rather than help. I am taking a combination of supplements: Cocculus Compositum (mfr. by Heel), Vinpocetine, Ginkgo Biloba, huge doses of no-flush Niacin, and Acetyl-L-Carnitine. All are things that enhance blood flow to the brain and combat symptoms of motion sickness. Sometime these seem to help, sometimes not ( I’ve heard it can take months of taking them for their full effect to impact Meniere’s so am keeping at it). But I am also considering trying MJ again, however, not in smoke form, instead I’m going to get a medical MJ card so I can buy it in edible oil or tincture form, as I suspect ingesting smoke into the lungs hampers oxygen to the brain, and that may be at least part of the reason for the lightheadedness MJ causes in me when smoking.

    • Joe neville Says:

      Hello mike

      Love the detail of you post. My question is what strain helped you, my mother is suffering bad for the vertigo.

      Thanks please post back or email me
      It would be much appreciated

      Cheers Joe

  4. whig Says:


    I have a couple suggestions for you which may have already occurred to you but are also important for others who suffer from similar problems to be aware of.

    First, use a vaporizer if at all possible. Second, consider inhaling the vapor directly into your sinuses. You will find that this could cause temporary exacerbation, but over time this is likely to help improve function of your inner ear.

  5. Heidi Says:

    I have Meniere`s disease also. I was given the usual medications to take when I was having an attack. I would have to take a valium and a meclizine. But I knew once I took that medication I was going to be couch bound for the rest of the day. I was having a really bad spell one day and my friend suggested smoking some marijuana for the nausea. I did it and it helped immensely. I dont have rapid cycle bouts of Meniere`s but when i do get an attack it is awful.
    If I have a choice between the prescribed medications for relief or smoking a few puffs, I chose the latter.

  6. whig Says:

    Heidi, I have a question that might seem out of place, but maybe you can tell me if you tend to grind your teeth. I’m seeing a lot of similarity in the effects of TMJ disorder and what is diagnosed in many cases as Meniere’s. In my own case, I had many of the symptoms such as vertigo on occasion, but when the otolaryngologist examined me he explained what I was doing with my jaw and advised me to stop. Cannabis helps me treat that, too, although it was not the original reason for my medical recommendation. It seems to help a lot of problems for a lot of people, at any rate.

  7. Mike B Says:


    TMJ can cause a whole slew of symptoms that follow right along the Meniere’s Disease symptoms. From what I have heard from others, it can be treated (the TMJ) and relief found via therapy to the TMJ.

    My Meniere’s is caused by repeated ear trauma over a few decades. My Doc looked at every other possibility prior to giving the diagnosos of meniere’s…it typically is the last resort diagnosis doctors want to see.

    Good on ya Heidi! After spending too many hard earned $$$ seeing doc’s that were clueless as to a course of treatment that wasn’t barbaric or involved seriously addicitve med’s, I decided to look into the MJ on my own. Damn glad I did, too.

    Also, a great resource for diet and other stuff (Meniere’s related) at http://www.meniere‘


  8. Rebecca Says:

    I’ve been using the herbal remedy for sometime and the Oregon medical group dealing with Medical Marijuana have heard from me as it works so very well against the nausea and the anxiety. It also helps me eat as I normally don’t care if I live or die.

    I would much rather use Mother Nature than the Lorazepam as I’m sleeping my life away with the latter.

    Give it a try if you’re up to it. It’s one of the only ways I get reliefe.

  9. Jim Says:

    I was looking into finding alternative remedies for vertigo treatment. I found some good stuff about homeopathics and vitamins (,but
    I guess this is alternative as I can get for treatment.And after reading the comments it seems to be helping many people with vertigo and Menniere’s.I wonder what effect the marijuana has on the inner ear? Fascinating…
    You are brave people for standing up for what you believe in….

  10. whig Says:

    Rebecca and Jim, hello to you both.
    Jim, there are a number of things that can help, but it is not only standing up for what we believe in but for what we know is necessary to reduce pain and suffering, and to help people live.

  11. whig Says:

    Thanks for the link, None. There is some evidence that people self-medicate with cannabis to treat various mental and physical problems which it helps. There is no surprise that an association exists, but no causal relationship or mechanism has been shown.

  12. Wifey Says:

    Mike, you mention “I use less than 1/2 gr. of a specific type of MJ, daily…” Can you please let me know what type of MJ you use? My husband has Meniere’s — was diagnosed about 3 years ago and found the Meclizine did not help at all. Now he takes just the Valium when he has a bad bout. Problem is, we have a 1-yr old, we both work full-time professional jobs, AND he’s going to school for his MBA (nearly done!) I wondered if marijuana might help and finally decided tonight to start doing some research. Any advice you can offer is greatly appreciated.

  13. whig Says:

    I’m sure Mike can give you some specific information if he would like to about his own experiences, but the general recommendation with medical marijuana is “whatever works.” There’s no risk of overdose, but if he takes more than he needs it may cause him to be more sleepy. Obviously you need to be conscious of the legal risks, but medically there isn’t much of a concern trying different strains at different dosages to get the desired effects that give satisfactory relief.

  14. Wifey Says:

    Thanks for your reply. You mention the legal risks, and I have to add that it really does blow my mind that both alcohol and cigarettes are legal — which you can and do kill people — while providing no medical benefits to the population — but marijuana is illegal and can do so many beneficial things for people in need.

    And, I sit hear typing thinking… how on earth will we get our hands on marijuana? Though, I really wonder how many more people use it than I realize. But it’s absurd that I cannot go to a place like a pharmacy… have my husband try out different varieties…

    Anyway, thank you for your help.

  15. whig Says:

    It may be easier or harder depending on where you live. Twelve states have medical marijuana laws that may help.

  16. m Says:

    Thanks for this article and comments. Fantastic testimonial. This is a horrible disease, and I’m very happy to find personal testimonies about how well marijuana works.

  17. Lois Says:

    So what are the 12 states and do you have to get a prescription from a doctor within that state or what?

  18. Kaan Says:

    Hi, I am having meniere symptoms for over 7 years and i used nearly every prescription drug that is available in my country (Turkey). Nothing made me feel good and those vertigos, ringing in the ears, hearing loss and vomiting(rarely) never stopped.
    I then started MJ. I use it everyday now. My hearing loss was %60 and i wasnt able to understand any conversation if i listened it with my left ear. I was having vertigos all the time and for some time and it affected my work also. Now after using MJ i can say that i am healed %85. I can hear with my left ear + no ringing + no vomiting. I get vertigos only for 5-15 secs and they happen 2-3 times a year. But the vertigos now are really bad. As if they are compressed throughout the year and blast with all the resting energy. I prefer having severe vertigos 2-3 times a year than having it all the time. The only downside is that i cannot drive, i fear that the vertigo will catch me while driving (happened once).
    I recommend trying it at least for a week every day without any medication. If it doesnt do you any good then maybe it just doesnt work for everyone.
    I dont know the type of MJ, it is always a different kind. I hope what i experienced is helpful for those with menieres disease.

  19. Michael Says:

    Kaan, that’s great that you’ve gotten your symptoms reduced, if you try a dose of homeopathic Belladonna 200C it might help a bit with what remains. It might trigger an exacerbation at first, so take caution. Hope this helps.

  20. Robert Says:

    I also have meniere’s and I am also in chorus with the rest of you. After being prescribed diaretics, valium, antidepressants, you name it, nothing seems to give me any real sense of relief like MJ. I am in the military which puts me up shits creek, but after trying MJ again recently at a concert (the first time since my teens), I actually felt good and experienced some relief to my symptoms. Unfortunately the military is still stuck in ignorant-land and won’t let me receive a prescription that I need. Morphine, percocet, vicodin, valium, and so on are completely acceptable, but THC? No Way!! Sad.

    Anyway, I know how you guys feel.


  21. Jafafa Hots Says:

    I have Meniere’s, along with other medical problems and as a result I am on disability. I hadn’t had MJ since my teens, but after 16 years of not partaking, I was given some… it was no miracle cure, but I was quite surprised at how it immediately reduced my tinnitus, drastically improved my hearing and while it didn’t eliminate the dizziness, it took the edge off of it and made it tolerable. Had to be careful not to use too much, though.

    I haven’t had it in about 5 years now due to reasons of access and also because I am not one of those people who can function well while stoned… I feel much better, but I’m not able to be very productive while high. It’s certainly better to sit and space out listening to music and feeling ok than to lie there feeling horrible. I would like to have it available for the occasional time when I am not able to tolerate my symptoms any longer, however.

  22. annie g Says:

    It works, I have had menieres for 18 years. No salt and Marijuana works for me. I just happened upon this website looking to see if it works for others. Now I’m planning on approaching my Doctor for a prescription. It works for the nausea and is way better for you than the valium. It will be interesting to see if he prescribes it, cause he gave me a script for valium for life 18 years ago. I live in a conservative state. I would think that a little pot would be better than valium. The valium gives you such a hangover the next day. Good luck to all of you with this disease. POT WORKS!!!

  23. Nancy E Says:

    Yesterday I was diagnosed with Menieres disease, acute motion disorder, and hyrops/migraine dizziness. I have had these symtoms for many years and self treated with MJ. Since I have stopped MJ my symptoms have gotten worse and much more annoying which is why I went to an audiologist. My 82 year old mother (who as never smoked MJ) suggested that I try smoking again to see if there is an improvement. I found this site seaching for someone to validate my findings that MJ helps with the symtoms of Meniere’s. I would like to try to legitimately use Medical Marijuana but I am nervous to see the doctor who writes the prescription for MJ and I am afraid of walking into a despensary to obtain what I need. I am afraid of being arrested or detained even though my state has “so-called” leagalized MJ. Does anyone have any suggestions to overcoming this fear? My only other option is taking the medication from my doctor that put me to sleep so I cannot function or to buy it illegally. I will appreciate any advise to obtaining legal MJ.

  24. Jenna Says:

    I am 24 years old and have battling with Meniere’s for about 6 years. I have always had ear problems (infections, viruses, etc.) and I am told that it will get worse as I get older. My hearing is getting worse and my work is suffering tremendously! I am a hair stylist and I have lost several clients over the past few years because I am always calling in “dizzy”.
    My friends and family have a hard time dealing with illness because “I don’t look sick”. It is really frustrating and I do suffer from anxiety from constantly worrying. I worry about my job, I worry about my relationship, I worry about traveling (even the car ride to the grocery store 2 blocks away).
    I smoke MJ regularly, but I don’t consider myself “a pot head”. It really helps me to calm down and assess my barrings. I function normally after use (having said that, I have been using regularly for at least 3 years), so my day goes by a lot better. For me, “regularly” means once in the morning (well before I go to work to decrease anxiety) and when I get home from work or before bed to calm down.
    I used to think that i was addicted to the feeling of being high because it felt good or fun, but I realized that MJ really helps me feel and function more normally. I’m used to the feeling of being off balance because that doesn’t go away completely, but when the nauseous feeling subsides, I am MUCH more comfortable.
    When I am not dizzy, my mood is better, my confidence is boosted, my life is better.

  25. piet raaf Says:

    Hi there all you poor giddy people like my poor wife,
    she was struck by this terrible sneaky monster what
    enables you to funtion normally as wel.
    As we live in a regeon on the planet where T.H.C is
    verry easy to obtain I will ….let you all know how it

  26. piet raaf Says:

    we are trying it out
    piet raaf

  27. piet raaf Says:

    Hi there all meniere suferers we tried weed yesterday,
    IT WORKS god ol mighty,The ringing just a slight murmur instead
    of the indian drums,head ache gone after 10 minutes,puking…..
    NO,MOOD Much Much better, this works,woke up this morning
    with a head ache had a couple of pufs,had a nap feel great now,
    THANK YOU NATURE this sure beats lorazepam.

  28. Rick Says:

    Currently, I take a diuretic and a potassium supplement for my menieres condition. Does anyone know if I can stop taking them and rely only on the mj? I’m makes me nervous to stop using the diuretic because it works well. But, if anyone could shed some light, I would much rather use the herb. Thanks.

  29. Tinnitus Treatments Says:

    very nice article, one such symptoms which occur after hearning loud sounds or after concert is tinnitus also known as meniere’s disease, often known as ringing ears and tinnitus treatment is a costly affair. tumour and other ailments are different one..

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  30. Dennis Says:

    I have found that if I smoke a little weed I never have an attack. As soon as I go off weed for more than a couple of days I start feeling the symptoms of Meniere’s. I do not have medical marijuana yet. I would like to though.

  31. vertigo Says:

    Thanks for the info. This is my second vertigo attack, and it sucks, I myself was nervous of smoking mj for vertigo, but I will give it a try.

  32. Steven Major Says:

    Hey, you have a great blog here! I’m definitely going to bookmark you! Thank you for your info. And this is **Tinnitus** site/blog. It pretty much covers Tinnitus related stuff.

  33. harley hiton Says:

    hey… this is crazy! i have meniere disease,,, i thought smoking pot helped… but no one believed me… so i looked it up and here it is! so i m not crazy! i must hit a couple puffs 3 times a day ..if not i cant function my neck hurts and my head feels heavy… dizzy and i cant communicate…harley

  34. Mike Says:

    I have an different experience.. I quit smoking pot during a severe bout of depression because I thought it was making my ocd/guilt tripping worse. I got face and jaw clenching a few days later and a weird body tenseness all over. I woke up with my heart racing and went to the ER the next day. they said take benadryl to get to sleep. I did and the next day I had tinnitus in my right ear. its been getting worse, have it in both ears and I’ve developed hyperacusis to boot. This has been very disabling. I suspect my rapid weight loss and years of pot metabolites in my body fat caused my body to go toxic. I still have bouts of face and jaw clenching and I seriously suspect that my tinnitus/hyperacusis was almost directly linked to my QUITTING pot. Whatever the cause, I think my hearing has been permanently damaged and the fullness of my ears is almost continually present. I would never wish this on anybody. I have bad teeth and no sign anytime soon that I’m going to get help for my TMJ. I face tightening can also damage facial nerves which probably lead to the hyperacusis. I pray that nobody else ever get this, it robs you of your ability to go out to loud places.


  35. Melissa Banaszak Says:

    I have chronic Meneires Disease-I am suffering terribly-I’ve tried everything from antivert-to valuim-to benedryl -the problem I’m having is living in South Carolina-where it’s still illegal to have marijuana -it’s so frustrating to be so sick & not be able to get what helps. When I do get it -it really helps-I’m 46 yrs old-I’m not looking to get high-I’m looking to be able to stand up straight & not throw up constantly. Are there any other channels I can go through to get help with this-besides voting for people that get nothing done ?

  36. Melissa Banaszak Says:

    One more thing-meneires only worsens over time-I am not only worthless on some days-but I am almost completely deaf now too-having it for so long before being diagnosed correctly. I am suffering now on a daily basis-and I’ve tried the vaporizers -I’ve tried iT ALL-now the sad part is-I can’t get legally what I desperately need. When are these politicians & religious nuts going to see that not everyone is looking to just get a buzz. I just want to walk a straight line again. I need help. I’m at my wits end. If there’s any doctor out there listening-I’m really in need here. Please.

  37. insane Says:

    Hello, i have been having collapses and constant vertigo syptoms since i was 32weeks pregnant, my bub is now 4months. I have a major episodes that include unable to move and vomiting that lasts about two hours at a time on a week basis. In between i am light headed, unbalanced etc and find it difficult to leave the house, am unable to drive. Feel like i am going completely insane and would like to chop my head off most of the time. Definately depressed. MJ not legal where i live.:(

  38. ckernzie Says:

    Crazy!!! Listen to this…I’ve always been a light but regular MJ user. ‘ Been dealing with Menier’s symptoms since 2006 with my first vertigo attack. Had one last summer and then just 3 weeks ago Here’s the deal…Been slowing down smoking weed since New Years trying to be ‘healther’ but was so scared after the vertigo attack 3 weeks ago I quit my favourite herb totally to try and not to make myself any more ‘dizzy’. I had another vertigo attack a couple of days ago and been feeling on the edge 😦
    You can come to your own conclusions but I guess if I want to be healthy I’d better start smoking weed again!!! 🙂

  39. Naomi Says:

    I have been using it for nausea related to Meniere’s, and it also helps with the anxiety. It was actually prescribed to me for my scoliosis. It completely takes away the back and body pain from scoliosis. After using daily for a year I went away for 2 weeks – the first time sober in a year. Now 2 weeks later in addition to severe dizziness I realize I have constant pain in both ears which the MMJ completely masked. My question is: Meniere’s patients are advised NOT to smoke cigarettes – the smoke itself if said to exacerbate the condition. I myself notice a roaring sound in ears sometimes while intaking/holding the smoke, followed by relief. I assume it is better to vaporize or ingest (both of which I find less effective than smoking). In other words, does smoking it temporarily remove but in the long term exacerbate meniere’s symptoms? Thank you for any thoughts on this.

  40. greg alderette Says:

    I have been suffering from vertigo for the last three years. I’ve stopped taking sudafed and motion sickness pills years ago. Although it did help at first, I stopped because it made me twichy and tired (i’d rather be dizzy!) Any ways smoked a little pot for the first time in a long while and wow, my music sounded amazing and all the lights in the room seemed very calming, haha. But really, my anxiety was gone, i’m usually tense and that was gone my head although a little cloudy seemed much more clearer in regard to my senses that are being affected. Not a cure for me but definitely another way to cope. I also ride my bike often which forces me to focus on my balance and get rid of stress. Also drink a lot of water throughout the day is key. i’m glad there are so many posts now i don’t feel like such a pot head! haha, seriously thanks guys.

  41. Mike Says:

    I started using pot to ease my symptoms about a year ago and haven’t had even the slightest of virdigo attack

  42. Java Jack Says:

    I haven’t heard any mention of Merinol, the synthetic equivalent of THC. Does any body tried this?

  43. mylittlethingz Says:

    THANK YOU!!! Stumbled across this blog and what a relief! I have smoked for 20yrs now and have just been diagnosed with MD — the MJ helps soooo much!! To know that it is my main pain relief and vertigo relief and ear relief & EVERY symptom is lessoned slightly with it’s use and that I am NOT going crazy imagining it was the POT is so reassuring!!!!!!
    I read so many comments above and was nodding my head and agreeing with so many of you!

  44. CannaMomma Says:

    I was Diagnosed with Meneire’s disease yesterday. I know it is not a death sentence but I’m not even 30 yet. This article and the responses give me hope. My nausea is daily for the past 6 years. I am a mother and I can’t even get out of bed and function for her and I am tired of living this way. Every site I have looked at keeps telling me in theory this work, I don’t need a theory, I need answers. I am LONG time cannabis user because of my nausea, and my experience is it works. I can eat and sleep. I haven’t been in a quiet room because of the ringing in years, but MJ can at least muffle the sound. Thanks so much for this post!

  45. maggie Says:

    I smoked it when i was younger and my symptoms went away and then i quit and they returned really bad it got to the point where i would have attacks and horrible ringing in my ears and everything. It was to the point where it was affecting my life and the medication i was given for it just put me out for days at a time so i was no better off and then i started smoking again and the ringing in my ears has pretty much gone and i haven’t had an attack since, maybe its coincidence i don’t know but as far as i am concerned it works and allows me to still function in my everyday life.

  46. DDave Says:

    Marinol doesn’t contain any CBDs, one of the most medically-valuable compounds in MMJ…

  47. Jon haugen Says:

    Bilateral Meniere’s twenty years. Severely hard of hearing. Trial patient at CEI Stanford. Some help, no remission. Taken every AMA and homeopathic remedy. MJ has been a miracle. Increased the quality and ability to be active in my life 80 percent. Regarding the question of genetic disposition, my father and nephew both diagnosed. Father deaf in a chair last twenty years of his life. How he could have been helped by this insight! Thanks so much for this site!

    • Travis Says:

      I was diagnosed just 2 weeks ago with this horrible disease. Primary doctor thought it was an ear infection and for two months just prescribed antibiotics and steroids. Finally saw an ENT who diagnosed me. Left ear is constantly ringing. Low frequencies are gone. Hearing was at 50% but some days worse. And I seem to have an episode every day or at least dizzy to severely dizzy. Taking low dose valium when it gets too bad to walk. On low salt diet and no coffee or alcohol. I was scared at all the information and how across the board symptoms are for people. I wish someone could tell me what is in store for me. I have been a cannibus user in moderation but not sure if it helps or hurts as it does increase my blood pressure and sometimes my anxiety. I am 42 year old male and own a business. Some days are better than others but it is very scary when the episodes hit. People do not understand and I feel alone in this a lot. It is hard to be in crowded place now and everything is distorted sounding. I play guitar and hope that I can continue. I just hope for a good quality of life, it is all so new to me and very scary at times. It has brought this tough man down a few pegs. Thank you for everyone’s opinions as I found this helpful. Take care.

  48. Ralph Salazar Says:

    Is there a E. M.T. Doctor in Tulsa, Oklahoma that treats medical Marijuana for Meniere’s disease ?

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