Safest medicine on the planet

Pete Guither:

Apparently people are having complicated and heated discussions regarding how much marijuana a medical marijuana patient should be allowed to possess.

I find it difficult to get very interested in that debate, although I understand that it’s important for the patients.

Here’s what I do think, however.

  1. Law enforcement does not have a dog in this race. The patient can have a valid opinion. So can the doctor. But not the cop.
  2. It seems to me that the amount that a patient is allowed to have should be at least the amount that the patient needs. Since that varies for each patient, there should be no set limit.
  3. If you really have to set a limit, then I’d decide it based on safety and place it just under the amount that would cause a fatal overdose*. That way, you wouldn’t have to worry about anyone getting hurt.

5 Responses to “Safest medicine on the planet”

  1. Mr. Natural Says:

    I followed you over here from Driftglass. There was a story in yesterday’s Seattle Times online about how the state medicos approved 2 POUNDS for two months as medical. The law enforcers went bannanas! I can’t even smoke hardly two reasonable TOKES a month, much less….but the point is the law dogs flipping out as if they know more than the meds.

  2. Michael Says:

    Medicinal use is not the same as recreational, it isn’t something you use when you want, but as needed for serious pain, nausea or other conditions, and that may be as frequently as every hour or more often for some people. Plus many patients benefit from eating cannabis, which generally requires larger amounts of herb than used for smoking or vaporizing. People without a medical need would be unlikely to want to consume nearly as much.

  3. New Jersey Drug Rehab Says:

    Since marijuana as a recreational substance remains illegal, is it not reasonable for law enforcement to worry about the sideways distribution of the drug? As in, if someone is prescribed 2 pounds (as the above commenter posted) there would be some potential for an illicit distribution of the surplus.

  4. Michael Says:

    New Jersey Drug Rehab,
    It has nothing to do with law enforcement when medicine is being used legally under a doctor’s recommendation. Taking away needed medicine from patients is to cause untold suffering, and the main reason patients obtain cannabis legally under state laws is to avoid having to go to the street. There is no evidence of a problem with diversion; to the contrary, states that have made medical marijuana legal have seen reductions in illicit use.

  5. hipparchia Says:

    states that have made medical marijuana legal have seen reductions in illicit use.

    that’s quite a measure of societal cruelty — a noticeable drop in illegal drug activity when you supply sick people with the medicines they need.

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