Who will win in Pennsylvania?

Will the voters decide?

h/t ellroon.

4 Responses to “Who will win in Pennsylvania?”

  1. demeur Says:

    I don’t believe it Pa got suckered into using those crashy Liebold machines? Out here in Wa state we’ve all but eliminated them. So many people didn’t trust them that we went to a paper mail in ballot in most areas. If there’s problems we can demand a hand recount. My advice to Pa voters demand a provisional ballot.

  2. Michael Says:

    I think it’s a bunch of faulty machines from other companies like Sequoia. The only reason to use these machines is to cheat, which is why any criticisms are downplayed.

  3. Watcher Says:

    Michael, are you the author of this blog post?


    If you would rather not claim or deny authorship, I’ll simply ask, do you agree with it?

  4. Michael Says:

    I think my views have evolved a bit since then. What’s your opinion?

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