Does America torture?


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Just a cotton picking minute

Melissa McEwan has the transcript.

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Stonehenge in America

Ecumenical call to end “war on drugs”

Spring colors

Homeland Security Spring Colors

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Americans who believe that America can and should and will win in Vietnam should vote for John McCain

Court orders Don Siegelman released from prison

Still breaking.

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Blue Majority supports Barack Obama for President

Chris Bowers @ OpenLeft:

Ever since the Blue Majority page was launched nearly one year ago, we at Blue Majority knew that we would add the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee to the page. In my opinion, Barack Obama has now emerged as the presumptive nominee. With a pledged delegate lead of 162, a popular vote lead of more than 800,000, barring a spectacular collapse and / or a highly unlikely thwarting of the popular vote, Barack Obama will become the Democratic nominee for President of the United States. When he reaches 2,024 delegates, which at this point requires only 42.7% of the remaining delegates to be decided, he will control both the credentials committee and the majority of the non-disputed delegates at the floor of the convention. At that point, the only way that Barack Obama loses the nomination is if he decides that Hillary Clinton should be the nominee instead. In other words, Barack Obama has become the presumptive Democratic nominee, and it is time to start supporting him.

Importantly, my rationale for endorsing Barack Obama goes beyond his status as the overwhelming favorite to win the nomination. As a progressive, there are two key ideological markers that I believe make Barack Obama a better choice than Hillary Clinton: the Iraq war and the DLC. First, Barack Obama opposed the invasion of Iraq from the start, and rejected the neoconservative principle of pre-emptive warfare as one of his main reasons for opposing the war. Being able to identify the invasion of Iraq as a colossal mistake makes Barack Obama far more qualified to lead our country than candidates who both were, and still are, unable to recognize why the war was such a bad idea. Comparing Obama’s and Clinton’s statements on the death of 4,000 American soldiers in Iraq, it seems clear that Hillary Clinton still believes in the neoconservative vision for Iraq, while Barack Obama does not. The second ideological marker is the Democratic Leadership Council, an organization formed to push the Democratic Party and the national political debate to the right on a variety of issues. While Hillary Clinton is a member of the DLC’s leadership, Barack Obama has repeated refuses to be associated with the group.

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Chris Dashiell:

The Chinese government has accused the Dalai Lama of trying to undermine the Olympics. The Dalai Lama replied that he has always supported the right of Beijing to host the Olympics.

The Chinese government also says that the Dalai Lama is “masterminding” Tibetan unrest, and is in league with terrorists.

Let’s take a look at the antagonists here. On one side you have China, a nuclear superpower with the fastest-growing economy in the world and a population of about 1.3 billion people.

On the other side you have the Dalai Lama, a Buddhist wearing a robe. He has no weapons, no party apparatus, no secret police, and no territory. He lives in exile in northern India.

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Nico Pitney | Huffington Post

Voice of Om

A moment of great pride

Holy fuck

New report on marijuana addiction

Abstract: We found marijuana addicts showed a varied profile of dangerous and potentially lethal withdrawal symptoms. 82% of them went from being psychologically healthy to showing clear clinical signs of anxiety, depression, post traumatic stress, or obsessive compulsive disorder. These varied psychological withdrawal effects were less responsive to conventional treatment. Patients whose marijuana addiction was concurrent with cancer additionally suffered nausea, vomiting, an increase in pain sensitivity, increased growth rates of tumors and increased morbidity. Marijuana addicted AIDS patients showed a severe reaction that included nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, wasting, and an inability to comply with medication regimes, which was worse than heroin withdrawal. In addition, marijuana withdrawal caused more subtle effects on music perception and brain function, with many of the musicians and music lovers moving from various abstract, creative genres, to smooth jazz and pop-country, and a decreased tendency to notice and ability to play polyrhythmic music. These withdrawal effects clearly and conclusively show the dangers of marijuana, and demonstrate a particular concern for marijuana in cancer and AIDS patients.

by commenter TomK @ Drug WarRant.

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Happy aether

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What you see is only a small part

“I’m Casey Knowles and I approved this message. And not the other one.”


Novus ordo nonseclorum

Crayon fizzlesticks

No objective material frame of reference

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Walt Disney journalism

ABC’s Brian Ross, a journalist who has a history of misleading the American public, has hit a new low.

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Particle porn


Forces of revolution

Free Tibet

Thank you and goodbye from Colombo

Eleven score and one year later, in the city of brotherly love

Arthur C. Clarke died tomorrow

All is full of life, part 2

These are my opinions, share yours if you disagree.

Think for yourself.

We are all the ones we have been waiting for if we wish to be. And we can make whatever reality we wish to have, together.

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The space between

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Dream of the endless

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The past inside the present

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Five year progress report

Aurora Borealis

Dear Keith Olbermann

If you are going to present criticisms of Hillary Clinton as you did last evening, please note that not all of your colleagues have treated her with the same respect and decency.

I am pleased that you have a clear view of the hypocrisy on other networks than your own.

Special comment

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“Shut up,” he explained.

Bye, Pat.

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Perpetual dawn

Love for sale

100% Nutrasweet.

Dog. Whistle. Politics.

If this is not to be rejected and denounced, the Republicans can have the Clintons.

Minus point one

We are all actually

Inner temple

Quantum space

Universe within

Settle down, Triangle man