There are more perspectives than two


5 Responses to “There are more perspectives than two”

  1. Todd Green Says:

    I fear that the well meaning exposure of the diverse cultures he speaks of is paving the highway to their oblivion — the reverse of his intent to pickle them in National Geographics’ gallery of travelogues — they’ll never again be what he found, simply because he found them, but not live with them. All those kids will be wearing tee shirts in ten years.

    It is too bad too, because I love the way this guy loves what he has been doing and how he seems to respect these cultures, but I think they would all be better off if he and everyone else had never found them. Or at least kept their secret to themselves in reverence for what they purport to respect.

  2. Michael Says:

    Todd, it’s not as if had he not discovered these cultures they would not have been colonized. By respecting their cultures, he increases the likelihood that we will respect them, and encourages us to accept and embrace diversity.

  3. Todd Green Says:

    Never questioned his intent, Michael, just talking about how the nature of civilization is so perverse to good intentions.

  4. Michael Says:

    I think the modern “civilization” may be due for a change.

  5. T.V. Says:

    Wow. What an eye opener. Thanks for posting this.

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