On thin ice

A sticky end

Pigs, incorporated

It was a war of acquisition, plain and simple.

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Be love, and remake the world

A living, growing universe


Atom Heart Mother

Contact and transformations

Irony is dead.

Eric Blair (George Orwell)

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Fascist baby, utopia

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Findings of Fact #9

Outside, the big blue room

After winter comes spring again



Quark metaphysics


Dreams cannot be killed

Loops of complexity

No limits

but there are consequences.

How’s it going?


Nanoemulsion Mechanism of Action Against Microbes

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Depends on the meaning of “is”, I guess

Barack Obama:

“The Republican approach I think has played itself out. I think it’s fair to say the Republicans were the party of ideas for a pretty long chunk of time over the last 10 or 15 years, in the sense that they were challenging conventional wisdom. Now, you’ve heard it all before. You look at the economic policies, when they’re being debated among the presidential candidates, it’s all tax cuts. Well, we’ve done that, we’ve tried it.”

Hillary Clinton:

“I have to say, you know, my leading opponent the other day said that he thought the Republicans had better ideas than Democrats the last ten to fifteen years. That’s not the way I remember the last ten to fifteen years.”

Bill Clinton:

“Her principal opponent said that since 1992, the Republicans have had all the good ideas. I’m not making this up, folks.”

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Water @ 100Hz

Electronic snowflakes

QED (the longer version)



Don’t be afraid of the moment



Why is he still on the air?

(about Rush)

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Liberal factinistas!

Melissa McEwan calls Dear Leader ignorant.

2 Levitations

Koala Tea of Life

Prepare cannabis by grinding and optionally pre-vaporizing at a low temperature — this may be safely inhaled depending on your jurisdiction.

Do the same with tulsi, before, after, or together with cannabis.

Combine ground herbs and boil together in almond milk.

Allow to cool a bit and add honey or agave nectar if you like.

I’m an American, please don’t be afraid

Conceive, create, test, retest


Obama, it is.

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Arrested development

Choose your adventure

The structure of water



“Later, Sen. Clinton walked over to Matthews. He pinched her cheek. She grazed his with her hand and said in a mother-to-child tone, ‘oh, Christopher. Baby.’ Matthews mumbled, ‘it’s not an obsession.'”

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Can you imagine?

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