We all need something to breathe


Pranayama with cannabis vapor

Empty your lungs of air slowly, hold your breath until you must draw in, then take up vapor slowly until your lungs are full, hold as long as you can and then draw in more fresh air, slowly releasing when you must.

If you do it right you’ll see no vapor on exhalation.

Tulsi vapor is also nice to use for this exercise if you like.

And it’s not like it’s costing anything more to click here.

Cannablog wins award

Golden Monkeyfist 2007

Thanks to Monkeyfister for awarding this blog a 2007 Golden Monkeyfist — The Golden Bongload Brotherhood (with blonde hash globules). Please also visit these other fine winners:

For the last several days we have been discussing among ourselves the selection of an Au Peer winner. Monkeyfister should be making an announcement shortly if he has not already.

Update: and the winner of the 2007 Au Peer:

d r i f t g l a s s

Happy New Year!

Say it with me now

Why can’t we be friends?

And there was war in heaven

Earth is heaven