Bush says Iran will pay for wildfires; admits to squirrel lovin’.

<strike>From a press conference in Southern California with President George W. Bush</strike>:

Q. Mr. Bush, what are your thoughts on the wildfires in Southern California?

Bush: Well, it upsets me that Democrats have politicized these fires. This has al-Qaeda written all over it and Iran had better step up and take responsibility. If they don’t, or deny setting these fires, we’ll have to take the next steps.

Q. What would those next steps be?

Bush: I don’t know. I’ll know when I know and then, we’ll all know. but it’s not for you to ask. It’s a national security issue obviously.

Q. What can you say to those affected by fire in the afflicted areas?

Bush: Well, tomorrow’s another day. Tomorrow, there’s a chance these people’s stuff may not be on fire. That’s what we call progress.

Q. How will this affect the environment?

Bush: You see, once again, this has gotten political. The environment is a political issue, best left to be discussed by politicians. In fact, better not to even talk about it. National security issues. Iran will have to pay the price obviously. Mostly, I worry about the poor squirrels. Because I love me some hot squirrel lovin’.

Source: Wolfrum @ Shakesville.

Update: It turns out this was just a joke. The management regrets any confusion.

(Think Progress has context for those not sure what’s going on.)

Update 2: more

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