Watch Mitt Romney

talk to a man in a wheelchair.

Think, Mitt, Think!

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6 Responses to “Watch Mitt Romney”

  1. Ken Howell Says:

    Judging The Debates

    CNN believes “The main event during Tuesday night’s Republican presidential debate in Michigan is Fred Thompson’s debate debut.”

    John Gibson on the Fox News Channel believes the anti-Republican bias of debate co-moderator Chris Matthew is the story, “How in the world can NBC put on a fair debate with a moderator like Matthews?”

    When the debate starts, smart Republican voters will not care about the endless candidate trivia, or campaign stump theatrics. In order to make a realistic assessment of candidate’s beliefs and values, Republican voters will look for factual information. The sideshows of Thompson’s first debate and Matthew’s bias are inconsequential. The often snide and elitist Chris Matthews will be taken for what he is. Thankfully, we won’t see Wolf Blitzer asking candidates ludicrous questions to be answered a show of hands.

    The pertinent subjects for the debate are 1. the war on terror, 2. the economy and how we compete with Asian and European nations, 3. preserving our culture and values, 4. excessive taxes and spending in Washington. The voters will look for the candidate with the experience and ethics covering each of these subjects.

    Who will win this and future Republican debates? A forward looking, positive candidate who speaks clearly, in complete sentences, and who is impressive in explaining how he will approach these problems will carry the field. After all, the Republicans are really selecting a candidate that presents a clear choice and credibly to oppose Hillary Clinton on these key issues next year.

  2. whig Says:

    Thank you for your Republican point of view.

    I would not prefer Hillary Clinton to be the Democratic nominee.

  3. Ken Howell Says:

    Romney “Grapples With Suspicions About Religion” ?

    Every time I believe that the New York Times cannot get more biased, they out do themselves. Michael Luo in today’s edition still claims that Mitt Romney is having problems with conservative Christians. Gee, Richard Land of the Southern Baptist Convention, Robert R. Taylor (a top official at Bob Jones University, the Evangelical Christian school with a history of anti-Mormon rhetoric), Rev. Rick Warren, Rev. Jerry Falwell, Mark DeMoss, Jay Sekulow, and yes, even Pastor John Hagee do not think so.

    Yet, Luo does not claim to have spoken with any of these Evangelical leaders. His only source seems to be Oran P. Smith, president of the Palmetto Family Council, a conservative Christian group in South Carolina.

    The over-analyzed Mormon issue and “complaints” against Romney’s sparkling resume’ and family life are getting tedious. Indeed, there is quit a bit of weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth. The idea of a presidential candidate who believes in “being honest, true, chaste, benevolent, virtuous, and in doing good to all men” is implausible to liberals and the MSM.

    The man does not curse, not even a damn or a hell. His family life has been impeccable. He has (quietly) given much of his time to service in his church and community. His business acumen is incomparable, there never being a report of corporate misdeeds, an unseemly tryst, or misconduct in hiring or HR concerns.

    And it’s driving the liberal press crazy! Hordes of “investigative” reporters have been digging, literally, through the Romney family’s trash, past school records, business records, family utility records, even who the sons have dated.

    John McCain, meanwhile, has suddenly become a Baptist, leaving the Episcopal faith behind. Rudy Giuliani claims to be a Catholic and Fred Thompson says he goes to church, sometimes, maybe, but neither shows a single sign of their professed dogma.

    Now, Michael Luo of the New York Times claims Mitt Romney has the problem with Evangelical Christians. What?

  4. whig Says:

    So I understand you to be a Mitt Romney supporter. I have endorsed Ron Paul for the Republican nomination.

  5. Ken Howell Says:

    The Phenomenal Rise of Mitt Romney

    It started on Tuesday, January 09, 2007. Mark Joseph of Fox news told us that Mitt Romney would likely not win the Republican nomination for President because Evangelicals in states like New Hampshire (20% of voters), South Carolina (34% of voters), and Iowa (37% of voters) would not support a Mormon candidate. Then, Steve McMahon (Dem Strategist), speaking with Chris Matthews, claimed the same thing. Not only was Romney a Mormon, he was really a “Massachusetts Liberal”. Few if any in the MSM and on the professional pundit shows gave Mitt Romney a chance. John King of CNN summed it up for us, “A successful Olympics, one term as governor and 3 percent in the national polls does not give you the nomination.”

    My, my . . . things have certainly changed in the past nine months. According to, Romney’s rise in the national polls has been just short of astounding. Consider these key states:

    Arizona 10% in January to 18% in October
    California 3% in January to 11% in October
    Florida 2% in January to 16.5% in October (wow!)
    Iowa 8% in January to 24.3% in October
    Michigan 9% in January to 39% in September*
    Nevada 11.5% in March* to 23.5% in October
    New Hampshire 13% in January to 24% in October
    Ohio 4% in January to 8% in October
    Pennsylvania 1% in January to 8% in October (wow!)
    South Carolina 6% in January to 16% in October

    And here are some interesting averages:

    Southern States from 4% in January to 16.3% in October
    Western States from 7.5% in January to 28.2% in October
    Red States from 7% in January to 17.8% in October
    Blue States from 6.6% in January to 16% in October (wow!)

    Consider that Romney is splitting the polls with up to eight other candidates, and he is leading or a close second in those states that the pundits said he had little chance of winning. For Romney, if the next twelve months is anything like the last nine, they will not call him “Mitt the Mormon” anymore. They’ll be calling him Mr. President.

    *polls were not available in for January/October

  6. whig Says:

    That’s nice, but I’m not too interested. If he wins the Republican nomination, I suppose I’ll have more to say, and perhaps he will.

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