What kind of good ol’ boys club is the GOP?

Mustang Bobby @ Shakesville:

Mr. Craig has staunchly — if not credibly — proclaimed [his] heterosexuality, and therefore he will stay in office regardless of the harm he does to his own party. That’s a subversive way of undermining gay rights: as long as you don’t admit to being gay, you can be convicted of a misdemeanor for a charge related to sex in a public place with another man and still be a senator. But if Larry Craig had done what James McGreevy, the former governor of New Jersey did — admit in public to being a gay American — he’d be back in Idaho trolling for hookups on the internet. It’s the GOP version of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, and it’s working just about as well for them as it is for the military.

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One Response to “What kind of good ol’ boys club is the GOP?”

  1. Gary Randall Says:

    It seems pretty obvious to me there is a Good Old Boys Club at work in the GOP to keep them all locked together in their votes and support of Bush and his policies. It also protects them as in complicity there is protection you watch my back and I will watch yours, that is the real reason for the warrant less wire taps to protect those criminally involved from being exposed by insiders leaking what they know about those involved in wrong doing. It is hard to deny when it is clear they came in with an agenda on how to change the laws to protect the rich and wipe out the middle class giving the ruling class absolute control through use of a modified war powers act called the PATRIOT ACT. We wonder how this economy got in the shape it is in, maybe it was by design, with control of both houses and a majority they could pass legislation without debate or oversight and the rush to war insured that the documents that got us into this war would not be examined till long after Bush has left office. We have heard about the embargoes placed on Japan that got them to go to war with us back in WWII what will we someday find out about the events of 911? Will the people finally wake up and demand their leaders who got us into this mess be held accountable?

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