If Rush Limbaugh wants to disrespect the troops, it’s his first amendment right.

Melissa McEwan:

Does it seem at all backwards to you that Senate Democrats have written a letter to Clear Channel Communications asking for its CEO to “publicly repudiate [Limbaugh’s] comments,” but didn’t make any fuss when two assholes on XM Radio talked about fucking Secretary of State Condi Rice and First Lady Laura Bush to death? Does it seem at all backwards to you that Congressional Republicans didn’t give a shit about that at all, despite it being said about the two most prominent women in their party, but went completely apeshit because an advertisement said something less than flattering about a general?

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(h/t Monkeyfister)

I learned a lot from this film. I highly recommend it, and I’d say it’s essential to begin to discuss how we deal with the Burmese military government.


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