Burying the troops

WaPo/Reuters, via Cookie Jill:

OVERLAND PARK, Kansas (Reuters) – A Kansas military cemetery has run out of space after the burial of another casualty of the Iraq war, officials said on Thursday.

“We are full,” said Alison Kohler, spokeswoman for the Fort Riley U.S. Army post, home of the 1st Infantry Division.

U.S. Sens. Sam Brownback and Pat Roberts, both Kansas Republicans, on Thursday sent a letter to William Tuerk, the under secretary for memorial affairs at the Department of Veterans Affairs, urging for full funding for a new cemetery for Fort Riley.

* * *

Fort Riley can bury bodies on top of other bodies if family members want to share a plot, said Kohler.

Bury the Republican party.

Tasers are substitutes for lethal force, not to be used in subduing people

The NYPD should be prosecuted.

(h/t Melissa McEwan @ Shakesville)

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