CNBC anchor Erin Burnett says Wal-Mart sells children’s toys with lead paint and poisonous food as if it’s a good thing

Keeping prices low, every day.

Hat-tip Logan Murphy @ Crooks and Liars.

Update: Chris Matthews leers:

Hat-tip Melissa McEwan @ Shakesville.

12 Responses to “CNBC anchor Erin Burnett says Wal-Mart sells children’s toys with lead paint and poisonous food as if it’s a good thing”

  1. Lola Lyndon Says:

    I’m embarassed for her.

  2. Bryan Says:

    So, people should feel good that Wal-Mart makes a profit and they are saving money while poisoning their children and pets?

  3. whig Says:

    That’s what the lady said.

  4. Why Now? » Blog Archive » Stand By For Another Recall Says:

    […] notes that CNBC anchor Erin Burnett thinks that lead paint on toys and tainted food from China is fine because it keeps prices low. […]

  5. Ian Calhoun Says:

    It’s clear that she spoke in error. Why people are trying to make something out of nothing is beyond me. She has since clarified her opinions many times over. Also, anyone who watches Erin on a regular basis knows she doesn’t think that.

  6. Lola Lyndon Says:

    It was clearly a gaffe — but an amusing one.

    My embarassment for her was moreso in reaction to how the host condescended towards her. The message implied by his behaviour was “oh sweetie, you’re so pretty, we’ll all forgive you for that bubble-head comment.”

  7. whig Says:

    She’s pretty clueless.

    But I’m an idiot sometimes, and heck if that isn’t embarrassing.

  8. big dave from queens Says:

    Her comments were not a “gaffe” no matter how much she wants to try and spin it.

    Her philosophy is rich people and corporations can do whatever they want. Normally, laissez faire extremists disguise this view better choosing rhetoric like less govt, less regulation, free enterprise, free trade, etc… She was not that smart.

  9. whig Says:

    Big Dave,
    If she’s prone to making similar statements on CNBC or elsewhere I’d be interested in seeing a clip.

  10. Randy Newland Says:

    she works for and is owned by the corporate,establishment elite and she was told to tell viewers to shut the L up and except lead in their childrens toys and poison in Chinese food..if it kills a few kids that’s just too darn bad.. the HPV shots they now injecting into young women are killing them too, and they still continue to vaccinate them..death is just a part of doing business now,if ithe cheaper poison in the product makes corporations more money then its acceptable..its all about stock price in the NWO.. not lives.. btw…welcome to the new world order..we have arrived..

  11. Bud Says:

    What an idiot. Anyone defending this idiotic “talking head” should be shot. She’s just a pretty face with a homogenized pro capitalist opinion. She’s also an idiot. I for one would rather pay more for anything just to know that its safe for my family and for me. I’ve yet to hear her utter an intelligent sentence. I’m fed up with TV news in general.

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