Paper ballots suitable for manual audit, brilliant!

Rush Holt’s Voter Confidence and Increased Accessibility Act of 2007

Requires the voting system to require the use of or produce an individual, durable, voter-verified paper ballot of the voter’s vote, created by or made available for inspection and verification by the voter before the voter’s vote is cast and counted. Requires the voting system to provide the voter with an opportunity to correct any system-made error in the voter-verified paper ballot before it is permanently preserved.

Requires each ballot produced to be: (1) suitable for a manual audit equivalent to that of a paper ballot voting system; and (2) counted by hand in any recount or audit conducted with respect to any federal election.

Sounds good to me.

Hat-tip to driftglass.

2 Responses to “Paper ballots suitable for manual audit, brilliant!”

  1. Mark MyWords Says:

    This is a venerable bill from a well-respected Democrat. While it doesn’t seek to make electonic voting machines completely invulnerable to tampering (you’d need a huge gaming commission to do that!), it provides a separate audit trail to make sure we know exactly how accurate – or not they are. That’s excellent stuff!

    There’s a small but vocal crew of ‘purists’ out there who wish HR-811 solved the problem of making the machines tamper-proof as well as ever other problem in our elections they can think of, but I’m thrilled HR-811 will at least give us a paper audit! Go Rush!

  2. hipparchia Says:

    paper trail: good.
    audits: good.

    complete invulnerability: unachievable.

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