We don’t know what’s wrong so it must be fine.

Burlington Free Press (hat-tip NTodd, italics added):

The Vermont Yankee nuclear plant was abruptly shut down Thursday afternoon while technicians were conducting a trouble-shooting test of one of the plant’s four turbine stop valves.

Rob Williams, spokesman for plant owner Entergy Nuclear, said the plant went into automatic shutdown mode at 3:12 p.m. and will remain offline until workers evaluate what happened and fix any problems.

A company news release said the plant was in “safe and stable condition” late Thursday afternoon.

“This automatic shutdown is part of the conservative design of this plant,” Williams said. “The system is constantly checking for any signal, and any abnormality is immediately sensed and will cause the reactor to go into automatic shutdown.”

Williams said the shutdown will likely last several days.

Perfectly safe. Nothing to worry about.

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Not proven

I think that Larry Craig should be permitted to withdraw his plea and have his day in court.

Pictures at an exhibition

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What did General Petraeus authorize?

James Glanz and Eric Schmitt write in the New York Times (hat-tip Pygalgia, italics added):

In an interview on Aug. 18, General Petraeus said that with ill-equipped Iraqi security forces confronting soaring violence across the country in 2004 and 2005, he made a decision not to wait for formal tracking systems to be put in place before distributing the weapons.

“We made a decision to arm guys who wanted to fight for their country,” General Petraeus said.

But now, American officials said, part of the criminal investigation is focused on Lt. Col. Levonda Joey Selph, who reported directly to General Petraeus and worked closely with him in setting up the logistics operation for what were then the fledgling Iraqi security forces.


NOLA Not OK Flag

Yeah, Al Gonzales is retiring. What do you want? Music?

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Not funny

Just a quick note. Michael Musto is a frequent contributor to the otherwise excellent Countdown with Keith Olbermann. This is an excerpt of his schtick on Friday’s program with guest host Allison Stewart:

STEWART:  Now, when [Nicole] Richie‘s TV co-star and fellow famous for no real person, Paris Hilton, served her 23 days in the slammer, Hilton took along spiritual books.  What did Ms. Richie bring for her 82 minutes?

MUSTO:  She got the same bible that Paris had.  Paris sold it on eBay.  But this time there are passages circled in crayon for when Larry King asks you your favorite parts.  She also has a book called, “How to Accidentally Fall Down Stairs and Lose Seven Pounds in Prison For Pregnant Dummies.”  Great book.

Nothing to see here. Please disregard this picture and move along.

Water pours from a damaged cooling tower at the Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant in Vernon.

Burlington Free Press (hat-tip Pygalgia):

A cooling tower structure at the Vermont Yankee nuclear plant that partially collapsed Tuesday underwent a full inspection as recently as this spring and was found to be in good condition, a company spokesman said Thursday.

“It was determined acceptable for continued operation,” said Rob Williams, spokesman for plant owner Entergy Nuclear.

Williams said the collapse, which occurred Tuesday afternoon and left a gaping hole in the side of the structure, caused Entergy to reduce power output by 50 percent until repairs are carried out.

Nuclear Regulatory Commission officials said the tower collapse does not pose a safety threat.

You’ve got to be kidding me. They seem more concerned about the fact that someone took a picture.

Paul Clement for interim attorney general

First, let me show you an advertisement. As always, I have received no consideration.

Marijuana Laws Waste Billions of Taxpayer Dollars to Lock Up Non-Violent Americans

Click image to enlarge.

This was a paid advertisement that was displayed in the D.C. Metro during the month of September 2004. What you may not know is that it required a lawsuit to get the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority to accept the ad. The Republican Congress had included budget language that would have cut off federal funding to local transit authorities that accept advertisements critical of current marijuana laws. The ACLU, the Drug Policy Alliance, the Marijuana Policy Project, and Change the Climate, Inc. filed suit in federal court and

In June 2004, Judge Paul L. Friedman of the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia ruled the ‘Istook Amendment’ unconstitutional on First Amendment grounds, stating “there is a clear public interest in preventing the chilling of speech on the basis of viewpoint,” and that, “the government articulated no legitimate state interest in the suppression of this particular speech other than the fact that it disapproves of the message, an illegitimate and constitutionally impermissible reason.”

As solicitor general, Paul Clement‘s responsibility would ultimately have been to argue this case on behalf of the government before the Supreme Court. He declined, stating that “the government does not have a viable argument to advance in the statute’s defense and will not appeal the district court’s decision.”

I think he will be a much better acting attorney general than the outgoing Alberto Gonzales.

In any event the senate should not recess for the duration of this term to prevent the administration from appointing another crony attorney general without their advice and consent.

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Pygalgia needs 4 more visitors to make it to 5,000. Give him a visit.


Thanks Eli.

Songs of praise

Hat-tip Lizard, comment at Shakesville.



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The causative organism was first thought to be Afipia felis, but this was disproven by immunological studies

Libby Spencer @ The Newshoggers:

If there is anyone more pathetic than wannabe has-been Ted Nugent, I don’t really want to know who it is. Taking a page from the Ann Coulter manual on public speaking, the hapless, never was a rock star, Nugent had this to say.

Renegade right-winger Ted Nugent recently went on a vicious onstage rant in which he threatened the lives of Democratic presidential candidates Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Decked out in full-on camouflage hunting gear, Nugent wielded two machine guns while raging, “Obama, he’s a piece of shit. I told him to suck on my machine gun. Hey Hillary,” he continued. “You might want to ride one of these into the sunset, you worthless bitch.” Nugent summed up his eloquent speech by screaming “freedom!”

Here’s video. NSFW, obviously.

Making terroristic threats against presidential candidates, I would think is something the secret service might be interested in.

Which one looks like the cleverly disguised cop?

Maude and the Cleverly Disguised Cop

Click to find out which one really is.

Update: Watch the video to see what’s going on here:

Update 2: The Gazetteer has more. Apparently the police are still lying about this incident.

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

Melissa McEwan @ Shakesville:

Prosecutors say [Marcus Huffman] was on patrol March 18 when he met the woman after she was turned away from a club because she appeared intoxicated. Huffman is accused of offering her a ride, driving her to the substation and raping her.

Special Assistant Attorney General Erik Wallin said prosecutors have a video showing Huffman entering the substation with the woman, then leaving separately before the woman did.

In addition, prosecutors say they have recovered Huffman’s semen from the woman’s boxer shorts.

The 19-old-woman then went to a relative’s home where she called 911 to report the rape. Among the three officers who responded was Officer Marcus Huffman.

He was also the senior officer handling the complaint, and, according to RI Attorney General spokesman Michael Healey, “He later filed a report which we allege failed to include important facts, among which were any mention of the incident involving him and the victim.”

Please read the rest.

You know, it could be you.

Maybe this should have been seized by the TSA?

Swiss Army Knife

But no, pudding is scarier.

Maybe if he’d said it was nursery pudding?

Obama To End Federal Medical Marijuana Raids; Democratic Candidates Now Unanimous

MANCHESTER, NEW HAMPSHIRE — In his first public statement on the subject, Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama pledged to end medical marijuana raids in the 12 states that have medical marijuana laws Tuesday at a campaign event during a Nashua Pride minor league baseball game.

The Illinois senator’s statement means all eight Democratic candidates have now voiced support for the 12 states with medical marijuana laws. Republican candidates Rep. Ron Paul (Texas), Rep. Tom Tancredo (Colo.) and former Wisconsin Gov. Tommy Thompson have all vowed to end medical marijuana raids as well.

On Friday, New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, who signed legislation in April making his the 12th medical marijuana state, wrote to President Bush asking him to end federal raids in medical marijuana states.

“Respected physicians and government officials should not fear going to jail for acting compassionately and caring for our most vulnerable citizens,” Richardson wrote. “Nor should those most vulnerable of citizens fear their government because they take the medicine they need.”

Obama’s pledge came as a response to a question from Nashua resident and Granite Staters for Medical Marijuana volunteer Scott Turner, who asked the senator what he would do to stop the federal government from putting seriously ill people like Turner in prison in states where medical marijuana is legal.

“I would not have the Justice Department prosecuting and raiding medical marijuana users,” Obama said. “It’s not a good use of our resources.”

“For the first time in history, the leaders of one of our nation’s major parties have unanimously called for an end to the federal prosecution of medical marijuana patients,” GSMM campaign manager Stuart Cooper, from Manchester, said. “New Hampshire voters and medical professionals effectively sent a clear message that we would not support a candidate who would arrest – rather than protect – our nation’s most seriously ill citizens. Compassion and reason are finally overcoming politics and propaganda.”

Federal intrusion into medical marijuana states has been on the rise this summer, with DEA raids taking place in several counties in California and Oregon. Recently, the DEA also began threatening landlords who lease space to medical marijuana dispensaries – legal under state law – with seizure of their property, a move condemned in a Los Angeles Times editorial as “a deplorable new bullying tactic.”

Based in Manchester, New Hampshire, Granite Staters for Medical Marijuana is a grassroots coalition of New Hampshire patients, medical professionals and activists. GSMM is organizing during the New Hampshire presidential primary campaign to raise awareness of the need for federal action to protect medical marijuana patients. For further information, please see: http://www.GraniteStaters.com


Just a quick note

Debra Bowen is restoring honest elections to California. Thank you.

G minor, moving to higher ground

’til later on

The kids are alright

What happened in Florida 2000, and why?

Update: BradBlog has replacement video.

Stammering Karl is beyond Beowulf?



Thanks to Linkmeister, commenting at skippy’s place.

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Hello. Uhh, can we have your liver?

Women are not lesser beings to men.

BBC News (hat-tip Lindsay Beyerstein @ Majikthise, via William K. Wolfrum @ Shakesville):

The decision in April by Amnesty’s executive committee to support access to abortion for women in cases of rape, incest or violence, or where the pregnancy jeopardises a mother’s life or health was greeted with an outcry by churches.

Roman Catholic leaders in particular accused Amnesty of betraying its commitment to human rights, and a senior Vatican official called on Catholics to stop funding it.

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Today’s worst person in the world

David Romero Vara of Cancun’s Enfoque Radio.

Libby Spencer @ The Newshoggers has the story (h-t meme).

Barack Obama is a member of the reality-based community.

Mitt Romney is not.

Hat-tip Ellroon @ Rants from the Rookery.

Happy birthday to the blogger formerly known as Mimus Pauly

Jim Yeager of Mockingbird’s Medley is 37. Go read his blog. Then watch this.


Prodromal phase

What were the skies like when you were young?

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Little fluffy clouds

Hat-tip Monkeyfister.

Not the obvious song, but pretty groovy

How do you say?

The obvious song

The name may change but the song remains the same

Diebold Premier Logos

“The doctors who examined Corporal Tillman urged a criminal investigation into his death be opened at that time, and were refused.”

An open letter to the NFL and NFL Players Association (via):

August 13, 2007

Roger Goodell
National Football League
280 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10017

Gene Upshaw
Executive Director
NFL Players Association
1133 20th Street, N.W.
Washington, DC 20036

Dear Commissioner Goodell and Mr. Upshaw,

On behalf of the veterans of Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom, and those troops still in theater, we are writing to ask that the National Football League and NFL Players Association publicly or privately urge President Bush to reconsider his decision to invoke claims of executive privilege in refusing to share vital documents regarding the death of Corporal Pat Tillman with the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.

As you know, earlier this month the Associated Press obtained the medical examiner’s finding at the time of his death in Afghanistan, that Corporal Tillman’s fatal wounds seemed to indicate shots fired from ten yards away, or less. The doctors who examined Corporal Tillman urged a criminal investigation into his death be opened at that time, and were refused. Since that time, the Department of Defense has put forth two explanations for the death of Corporal Tillman, the first of which was proven false, and a second which now seems to have been proven to be a lie, as well. In both cases, the White House has actively pushed these false findings to the public.

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Hungarians are dirty ghoulies who wash in peanut oil?

There is no call for that kind of hate speech on the internets.

Kos on Colbert Report

SilentPatriot @ Crooks and Liars has video.

We’re watching you because we love you

Prepare to be lied to

when David Petraeus briefs congress in September (LA Times, hat-tip Melissa):

Despite Bush’s repeated statements that the report will reflect evaluations by Petraeus and Ryan Crocker, the U.S. ambassador to Iraq, administration officials said it would actually be written by the White House, with inputs from officials throughout the government.

Good to know.

While we were distracted by war and terror

Let me see if I can explain the current financial meltdown as I think it is happening. My perceptions are based on reading only public information and there is certainly a great deal that I am unaware of. I’m not a current market trader, just an interested observer. I have no professional qualifications and I’m not your financial adviser. Just so we’re clear, and if you think I need to be corrected on anything feel free to do so in the comments.

Mortgage lending corporations (what used to be called S&L’s) have been making bad loans on bad credit for homes by giving some percentage against the entire value of the home, on the expectation that a default would likely occur and they would acquire the real estate at a substantial discount.

Now the loans themselves are not valuable, they are just paper which they don’t expect repayment on.

But the mortgage lenders have taken this paper and labeled it subprime, and sold it.

Somewhere along the line, they are going to expect you to bail them out.

Aug. 15 (Bloomberg) — The risk of owning corporate bonds rose after a Merrill Lynch & Co. analyst said Countrywide Financial Corp., the biggest U.S. mortgage lender, may have to file for bankruptcy.

Credit-default swaps on Countrywide widened after Merrill Lynch analyst Kenneth Bruce raised the possibility that a loss of access to short-term loan markets could force Countrywide into bankruptcy. Contract prices for mortgage lender Residential Capital LLC and for home-loan insurer Radian Group Inc. are also trading as if investors see a high probability of default.

“This market is feeling awfully similar to the fall of 1998” when Russia defaulted on its debt and banks had to bail out hedge fund Long Term Capital Management, said Bruce, who is based in San Francisco. Bruce downgraded Countrywide’s stock to “sell” from “buy” in a research note today.

Hat-tip Monkeyfister.

One year of blogging

I probably talk too much about myself as it is, and the posts that I’ve made that I’m proudest of aren’t always the most popular ones so maybe I should just let my readers judge for themselves.

What do you think I could do differently in the next year and which posts do you like the most and want to see more of? Less of? Should I keep going for another year?

Please tell me honestly what you think.

What’s done in the dark will be brought to the light

Only until the lie is corrected

All is full of life

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Happy birthday Monkeyfister

And Karl Rove announced his resignation just in time to mark the occasion.