What happened to Roosevelt Sims?

At least he wasn’t deported to Mexico. I hope he is found safe before too long.

PHOENIX – A 65-year-old St. Louis man went missing outside Williams, Ariz., after he was kicked off an Amtrak train in the middle of a national forest, Williams police said.

* * *

Police said there is no train station or running water at the crossing, which is about two miles from the nearest road.

Amtrak personnel told police dispatchers that Sims was drunk and unruly.

The Sims family said Sims is diabetic and was going into shock.

* * *

Williams police told CBS 5 that Amtrak has used the abandoned crossing as a drop-off site in the past. Lt. Mike Graham said that whether drunk or not, no one should be dropped off there.

Update: Good news! He’s been found safe!

Sims was found around 9:40 p.m. Thursday night walking along railroad tracks two miles from where he was kicked off the train.

He is in good condition.

An Amtrak spokesperson says while it is an unfortunate situation, the crew acted appropriately by stopping the train and waiting for the authorities.

Sim’s family believes he was treated unfairly.

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