Where is Pedro Guzman?

SignOnSanDiego (June 11):

LOS ANGELES – The family of a mentally disabled man claims that the federal and local governments mistakenly had an American citizen deported and says U.S. officials should help find him in Mexico.

Relatives sued the Department of Homeland Security and the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department on Monday in federal court, saying they have been searching for Pedro Guzman in Tijuana for a month.

“My worst fear is that he is no longer living,” said Guzman’s brother, Michael Guzman. “He doesn’t know how to read. He often can’t remember the family phone number. He even gets lost if he gets off the main street in Lancaster.”

Pedro Guzman, 29, of the desert city of Lancaster, was sentenced April 19 to 120 days in jail for a misdemeanor trespassing violation, according to the lawsuit.

It says he was asked about his immigration status in jail and responded that he was born in California. Sometime after that, the Sheriff’s Department identified him as a non-citizen, obtained his signature for voluntary removal from the United States and turned him over to U.S. Customs and Immigration Enforcement, a divison of the Homeland Security Department, for deportation.

Hat-tip Bryan at Why Now?

Update from Man Eegee:

Here’s where things stand so far in blogtopia (y!sctp) with respect to coverage of Pedro Guzman‘s forced exile and subsequent disappearance:

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    […] least he wasn’t deported to Mexico. I hope he is found safe before too long. PHOENIX – A 65-year-old St. Louis man went missing […]

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